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January 11, 2014 at 6:19 am in reply to: Edit not updating custom fields 14306
TheBigFish TheBigFish

Hi Guys, I was wondering if you have figured this issue out or have any updates on it at all.

I was dealing with the exact the same issue as pasturesmoo above with other form frontend editor.

What happens is this :

I create 2 fields in my form. 1 field is for the regular price and I give it a meta _regular_price and the second filed is for Sale Price with the meta _sale_price

I am creating regular price and sale price because I am willing to display the sale / discount on my product.

What happens after I submit the form is that both values will get correctly input in the edit post / product in admin, so I can see both values there taken from the form, however when I go to preview the product page, these values just do not display in the output.

Only after I update the edit post / product page from the admin ( without doing any changes at all ) both values will now display on the output.

The other frontend form editor was partly solving the issue for me by doing the following :

I would create another HIDDEN field and give it a meta _price.

I would then hook this field to calculate the default values from the Regular Price input.

And voila, I would achieve my regular price now being displayed on the product detail page automatically, straight after submitting the form.

That means that if I create another hidden field, give it another _price meta and set it to calculate the default values from the Sale Price output, I would achieve both Regular and Sale Price to automatically display on the product preview page.

The bad thing here is that the other form editor doesn’t allow me to have 2 _price metakeys.

I’m quite interested in WPUF, but this feature is essential for the frontend product posting.

Any Ideas ?? Does WPUF work this way ?

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