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    I had a similar situation happen to me, I purchase the domain name; “Petro. co.ve from GoDaddy, I own this domain name for a number of weeks during this time the Domain name was pending registration I called GoDaddy and asked why the domain name was pending registration and when I try to register the domain name the registration would not go through. GoDaddy told me that they would contact the register and in doing so they informed me that.. “The register was behind on their registrations. so, this domain name kept the status of registration pending all the while I owned it. Then, I was informed by GoDaddy that the domain name was being deleted from my account. Reason being.. Someone else owned the domain name, and it was registered to me by mistake. It seems to me like something fishy is going on, the “.co.ve has a open registration (anyone can own it) GoDaddy informed me that they would be refunding my money however, I am unable to track where the domain name is actually registered now. I believe someone else wanted this name and took steps to take it away from me.

  • Daniel



    we are using the free Version of WPU. I placed a Shortcode Checkbox with some text on a contact form. Now I would like to know if it´s possible to put a link into the text?

    Maybe somebody can help me out.

    Best regards


    • Al Suzaud Dowla

      Al Suzaud Dowla

      Hi Daniel,
      Sorry for the late reply. We can not understand by the term “Shortcode Checkbox”. Could you please explain your problem in other words so that we can answer properly? Thanks.

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