Dokan v1.0.3 released with per user seller percentage

If you don't know what Dokan is, it's the most feature rich multi seller marketplace theme for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Today Dokan V1.0.3 has been released with some new features and here are those:

1. Per user seller percentage

Now you can set percentage for individual seller. To do this please go to seller profile and set percentage as your wish for that particular seller.

percentage On Each Seller
percentage On Each Seller

2. Profile settings can be updated from admin area

Now you are able to update any seller settings from admin area just visiting their profile.

seller settings from admin
seller settings from admin

3. New action hooks and filters added.

New action added on product edit area and save options.

4. Demo store notice compatibility

Some fixes with the WooCommerce site wide notice where before the top menubar would be hidden when the notice is shown.

5. Edit permalink support for category base

Selecting the shop base with category for products, the edit product feature wasn't working. It's been fixed.

We also fixed some issues from v1.0.2 such as
+- [bugfix Product category won't update

+- [bugfix] Menu parameter removed from wp_nav_menu

+- [bugfix] Currency entity fix in withdraw email

+- [bugfix] Downloadable file upload directory

+- [bugfix] Price validation removed from new product page.

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  • Rudd


    I strongly believe that Per user seller percentage should be as plugin, not theme. What if the user decided to change to another theme in future?

    • Tareq


      Dokan is already a theme, not a plugin. So only thing you could do is creating a new or using as a child theme. In that case, it doesn’t matter because all the parent theme functionalities will be inherited to the child theme.

      • Rudd


        By saying “change to another theme”. I mean other theme from another company. No one can guarantee that users will remain using their theme forever.

        I recommend you to read these great articles before deciding whether the functions should go into plugin or theme:

        • Tareq


          I personally advocate for this too, but I had to make the decision for tying the functionality better with the theme. But eventually the functions will be moved to a plugin in near future 🙂

      • Joe Bloggs

        Joe Bloggs

        Hi Tareq,

        Any ideas on how long for the next theme update with the child theme available ?

        I really think this is an absolutely basic requirement for the theme to have a working child theme and I would gladly purchase Dokan if it had a child theme available.

        I found this post here in your forums :
        It doesn’t really solve a problem of a child theme if you need to change things around in your function scripts does it ?

        I don’t really want to start a site based on your theme and then be migrating to a child theme if it’s finally released, so i think I will hold of Dokan for now and keep using my alternative ..
        Considering I raised the question of child themes a couple of months ago and still nothing, i don’t think it’s coming any time soon ..

        • Tareq


          Hello Joe,

          There are lots of development is going on with Dokan. Feature improvements and other add-ons, so yes the child theme is coming very slow right now. But we’ve a child theme in progress and about 75% done. Hopefully we’ll be able to release some child themes very soon and make the process faster.

  • abelljefrry


    Can you add instagram to seller profile? Because most of my seller are Instagram user.

  • Tolga


    Hi Tareq,

    Do you give me approximate date for next update which will be suitable for using different theme?
    Actually I am waiting for this update to purchase Dokan.

    Thank you

  • Abhishek


    How shipping charge be included in net amount in:

    ‘net_amount’ => ($order->order_total * $percentage)/100

    please suggest me!!

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello Abhishek,
    I did not understand what you are trying to to. Can you please open a support ticket and describe in detail?

  • Abhishek


    Hi Badsha,
    I was seeking fluke. No worries, actually my client wanted the shipping cost be included in commission and they don’t wanted to give permission to the seller to set the shipping cost.
    Finally, i break through the problems to find the solution and now its ok.

    Another issue is, how can we round off the seller amount? eg: if the seller earning is 347 or 583 how can we round-off in this way; 345 or 580. For the withdrawal of amount it would be easy as recommended by my client.

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