Dokan Version 1.0.5 Released with Better Child Theme Support

Great News for Dokan Customers!

Once again our Marketplace theme, Dokan is polished to shine and rock your marketplace. See the changelog to know which jewels got added and which blanks just got filled!

Current Version: V1.0.5

Update Released: June 9, 2014

Newly Added Features:

  • Now you can enable/disable scripts, styles, sidebars from child theme.
  • Child theme support is now even more better. (new child theme E-shopper released )
  • Seller dashboard is now more responsive.
  • Filtering support added to the slider.
  • You can offer your sellers to be able to start selling right after registering. But for that you’ll have to pre define this auto active feature.
  • Store pages now show only the category menu. So your customers can navigate well within your store.
  • Store sidebars are now dynamic and widget enabled. Customize the sidebar with your favourite widgets, Show your Facebook and Twitter Feed, Place ads etc.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multi Site collisions is fixed.
  • Language file updated with missing strings. So your site will be more user friendly and well localized.


  • Kevin


    I’m loving Dokan… I just wish it was a plugin as opposed to a theme. I really want to use it, but we’ve already designed the site… is there a way to still use Dokan for the dashboard, product submission, vendor list, etc.?

    I sent a couple questions through the contact form as well.


    • Mahi


      Hello Kevin,

      Please follow up your emails with support. You can use your theme as child-theme of Dokan.

  • Ryan


    We have a client interested in using Dokan but it seems to be missing 1 feature they require.
    Can you tell me if Dokan does this?

    They customise products (engrave glass etc) and need the ability for the buyer to select the option/variation that the product is to be customised and write the text in a text box (restricted to specified number of chars)

    I look forward to your response.

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