Important Security Update for Dokan Plugin Released; Version 1.2

The other day we have discovered an important security glitch in our Dokan plugin. The glitch allows an attacker to gain access to a Dokan-powered e-commerce site and remove or modify all the published products on their site.

We have already fixed the security glitch and have released an update. It is highly advised that you update your Dokan plugin to the latest version right away. If you do not update Dokan plugin right away, your site may be vulnerable to the security threats.

In addition to the security issue, a number of other bugs have been fixed in the new Dokan plugin version 1.2. Below is a changelog for the new version:

Dokan Plugin v 1.2

  • [fix] Security fixes. props to @yann
  • [fix] dokan_templart_part function wasn't picking up template from theme
  • [fix] Add missing action hooks from the theme migration
  • [fix] Paginations in dashboard
  • [fix] Product edit page responsive issue

Update your Dokan plugin as soon as possible and keep your Dokan-powered website safe and secure.


  • Raamat


    Does this affect only Dokan Plugin or also shops still running Dokan Theme?

    • Sekander Badsha

      Sekander Badsha

      Please make sure you are using the plugin version of Dokan, which is 1.2
      It has all the fixes and lot more safer than the theme version.

  • Boris GAB

    Boris GAB

    Thanks you

  • Andrej


    After updating to Dokan 1.2, no stores are showing up when clicking on visit store.

  • Andrej


    Seller dashboard is not working, the only message that comes up for the store owners is opps we could not find this page for any of the sellers dashboards.

  • Andrej


    Problem solved by installing dokan pages. Thank you.

  • Anthony


    Dear Dokan,

    I came across the security challenge with Dokan Plugin, now want to know if it’s affects people running Version 2.6.8 ?
    Your response will be so much appreciated

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