The Free Multi Vendor eCommerce Plugin for WordPress is Called Dokan

Good news to anyone and everyone who has been looking for an e-commerce solution to build their online store. Dokan is a free multi-vendor e-commerce plugin for WordPress that has all the essential features and functionality that you may need to jump start your online store.

Dokan lets you set up an e-commerce store with WooCommerce where you can start selling products. The power of Dokan lies in its two distinctive features: It lets you allow other vendors to register on your website and start selling products, and the full interface is on the front-end of your site. So none of your vendors will need to see the back-end of your WordPress.


Dokan comes with all the core features that you need to get your e-commerce site up and running. Please keep in mind that Dokan also has a PRO version, which has full-fledged multi-vendor e-commerce solutions. The one we are talking about here is the basic free version with less features and functionality.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Independent Stores

The best thing about Dokan is that it is surprisingly easy. Vendors can register on your site and start selling right away. Each and every vendor will have their own store with unique URL and store page. Vendor's store pages are also customizable. It shows a custom banner image with the vendor's profile picture, all products, and their contact details.

Please note that this is a Pro storefront. So, you may see some extra menus.

Pro version of Dokan storefront has maps, verification, support, review, social profiles and other features that can make the vendor more trust worthy and interactive.

Front-end Dashboard



Everything that your vendor needs to do in order to do business on your Dokan powered marketplace can be done from the front-end of your site. So you will never have to let your vendors access the wp-admin or dashboard area of your WordPress site. Each vendor has their own front-end dashboard that caters to their every needs, even withdrawing their earnings. They can manage the products, add/remove items, request withdrawal from earning all from the front-end dashboard.

Only you, as the site owner, can access the WordPress dashboard (backend) to configure Dokan and WordPress related settings. On the Pro version, vendors get extra capabilities to manage coupons, orders and other stuff added by the extensions from the front-end dashboard.

Earn Commission as Vendors Sell Products

What do you get as the owner of the marketplace? You can set a default percentage of commission that will go to your account each time a vendor makes a sale. That means, the more your vendors sell products, the more commission you earn. You can set a percentage according to how much you are charging your vendors per sale. But there is more!

With Dokan Pro version, you will also have the ability to override the default commission rate on a per-vendor basis. That way you can charge different vendors a different percentage for their sales. You can even give special privileges to select clients to sell on your marketplace without giving you a commission, too! You can also set special commission rates on specific products and create subscription packages for exclusive kind of vendors.

More on Pro Features

As you can see, the features that are already available with Dokan are enough to get you started with your online marketplace. But if you need more, here's some of what Dokan's full version has to offer:

  • Create variable products.
  • Bird's eye view of site-wide sales and earning for admins.
  • Bird's eye view of every vendor's sales and earning on their vendor dashboard.
  • Set product attributes, shipping, downloadable products, set expiration to downloadable products, etc.
  • Coupons feature with expiry and restrictions options.
  • Product reviews.
  • Custom widgets (Best vendor, Featured vendor, etc).
  • A custom Dokan theme for your marketplace for free with each Dokan full version. (Dokan is also compatible with every WooCommerce compatible theme.)

So what are you waiting for? Grab Dokan Free from WordPress plugin repository here and give your online marketplace ideas a go! Make sure to install WooCommerce plugin before activating Dokan as WooCommerce is required for Dokan to work. WooCommerce is a free plugin you can download from here.

And when you're ready to go serious, check out all the features of Dokan full version, the perfect multi-vendor e-commerce plugin for WordPress that you'll ever need!


  • Allen Pilares

    Allen Pilares

    Hi! I am new to wordpress, I am trying to install Dokan Lite in my new wordpress multisite installation. I managed to make the plugin work but I cannot seem to find how to enable the Dokan theme. Please help

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello @Allen,
    Dokan theme comes free with the paid version of Dokan. You can not use it with the free version.
    You can post all your support questions to the plugins support forum

  • andrea


    Can you elaborate on payment processing? (can the customer pay all in one place and in the background it posts to the appropriate Sellers account.. depending on payment type … as well as be able to split variable commission rate (for marketplace) by Seller&Item ? … if that makes sense?

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello Andrea,
    If you use an automated system for marketplaces, like-PayPal Adaptive or Stripe Connect, then your vendors and admin will be able to receive payments instantly; no matter if the commissions differ from vendor to vendor. If you have more question, feel free to use our contact form 🙂

  • Akshay


    Hello Sekander Badsha

    can i charge the vendor a monthly fees instead of commission basis sale using Dokan lite

  • ocorner


    Dear American,

    Dokan have the version that support for wordpress 3.9 or not? please tell me about this.

    • Sekander Badsha

      Sekander Badsha

      Hello Ocorner,

      You can download a previous version of Dokan plugin and WooCommerce to use on a older version of WordPress.

      We always recommend our users to install the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and Dokan to avoid security issues and ensure the best performance.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez


    I am facing the following issue when installing Dokan lite : Erro de RSS: WP HTTP Error: cURL error 51: SSL: certificate subject name ‘*’ does not match target host name ‘’

    The Dashbord does not appear on my site. How can I fix it ?

    Thank you very much.



    • Nayem


      Hello Ricardo,

      It seems like there is a problem with the CURL version. Please contact your hosting provider to update both your SSL library and CURL. The OpenSSL version used should also be 1.0 or higher, or an equivalent other SSL library that supports SNI.

      If the above solution does not solve your problem then, please feel free to use our contact form 🙂

  • Ranjan


    Dukan plugin pro only ₹200 ( Indian Rs) call 09831400677

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