Upcoming New Features of Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace

This new update will give your Dokan Multivendor Market a big boost with much awaited tweaks on commission, storefront and coupons.

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Dokan has been successfully providing WooCommerce based multi-vendor marketplace to its customers since 2012. The previous version has fixed many issues and added new features. But the upcoming release will deal with some small yet effective improvements.

Flexible vendor commission on each product

This feature will greatly benefit the admins. The upcoming version of Dokan will introduce product based commission on vendors. With this, the admin will be able to set commission specific to products.

This will also widen your vendor's inventory with a range of products with different types of profit rates.

To change the per product commission go to wp-admin → products → click on the product → change the commission.
(Check out the full doc on variable commission)

product based commission

Dokan already has a global commission system which is common for every vendor. You can also set different commissions for some vendors.

To set the commission rates, simply navigate to wp-admin → Dokan → Settings → General  and modify the rate from there.

Coupon visibility on storefront

Putting coupons directly on your storefront can effectively boost the sales. Customers landing on the site will absorb the information easily and will have an urge to buy from the vendor.

To take of this customer psychology, we have now introduced coupons directly on the storefront. The vendor can turn this on off from the vendor dashboard of course.

You can currently display up to 3 coupons per store at a time.

new features of dokan

You can set coupons types based on percentage or fixed amount. Please note that vendors have to set the expiry date for coupons, otherwise it won't be visible on the storefront.

Check out the documentation on coupon or discount management

Store location improved with Google Maps API key

Using Google Maps API key to set store locations makes it even easier. Just copy and paste your Google Maps API key on wp-admin → Dokan → General. This will allow you to built customized apps using Google API. You will be able to display styled maps, store directions and also 3D buildings.

google api for better location

google maps with api integration

As you can see, Dokan is getting better everyday. So, stay with us and update and if you have not tried Dokan yet, don't hesitate to try it now.

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  • james


    I think there is a slight bug in the way dokan handles delivery charge for example if you have 2 different sellers and a customer comes along and puts an item from both sellers into the cart instead of the customer being charged to seperate delivery charge the customer only gets charged once which is a bit bad for sellers because that means someone isnt getting the money to send the items.

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello James,
    Please check this slide to understand Dokan shipping feature. I have broken down the calculation Dokan does in the background.

  • harry


    1. we need sipping workflow for Vendor: in our system the vendors handle sipping himself. Is this availability with dokanmulti vendor?

    2. Is backend & frontend availability in german language?

    Thanks, Regards from Munic, Germany

  • PCTECH24


    Thanks for sharing this useful information on new advance upcoming features of Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace.

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