A Cool New Store Listing Page on Dokan Multivendor

During the past several months, we have received a lot of requests regarding the store listing page. So, we have completely redesigned it!

The problems regarding the previous store listing template were –

  • It did not show enough information about the vendor/store (like rating, review etc.)
  • It could not highlight featured vendor.
  • It presented more opportunity which wasn't taken advantage of.
  • It wasn't easily customizable.
  • You couldn't replace the page styles from a child theme.
  • Sometimes the thumbnails were unevenly sized.

And it looked like this:

Now – A complete redesign →

Now, when you search a store or go to all stores (the store listing page), you can get a quick view of the stores rating, address, featured status and the number of reviews it has – right from the snippet! We have also made the tile size smaller so that it easily fits on any screen.

This will definitely generate more clicks on your market, your vendor's storefronts will get more views.

It is now easily customizable too!

You had to hire a developer and hard code the changes into the plugin if you needed to make any change to the page. But now, we have created a new template file which you can easily edit and replace with child themes. (Contact support if you need help with this)

How to get it – Update!

This has been updated with the Dokan free version. So, when you receive the version 2.5.7 – do check your store listing page for this exciting upgrade.


  • Ihor Kit

    Ihor Kit

    is it compatible with Flatsome? Can I use sidebar filter (for example to sort by region) in this view?

    • Nayem


      Hello Ihor,

      Yes, the new store layout is working fine with the Flatsome theme- http://prnt.sc/es6dwm. Now, if you want to filter your store by region or location then it would not possible for now because location/region base filter is not available feature for Dokan store-listing. We have the plan to insert location base search on the store listing page in near future.

  • Dan


    Cool! Which a template file to use for customization? I will have a look.
    I want to change number of stores per page.

    • Nayem


      Hello Dan,

      I believe you already got the solution from our support ticket. For all the user I can share the solution. If you want to change the number of store per page then you can insert the “per_page” attribute with the shortcode of Dokan store listing page – [dokan-stores per_page=20]

      Thank you.

      • mostafa


        i want to show state and country filters what add to short code to do this ?

  • Theohilus Brown

    Theohilus Brown

    I will like to know if your plugin can work with Dokan Template in themeforest. Kindly revert asap.


    • Theohilus Brown

      Theohilus Brown

      I mean i wanted to know if you plugin can work with ”Denso” template in themeforest.

      Best Regards

      • Ranan Rahim

        Ranan Rahim

        Hello Theohilus Brown, sorry to say that Denso is not directly compatible with Dokan, it requires customization. Sadly, we do not provide customization. We have already contacted the theme author ApusTheme if they can update it with the compatibility.

        However, here is a list of already Dokan compatible themes that you may like.
        By the way, if you really have to go into customization, then you can save some buck by downloading Dokan theme, it’s FREE. It is easily customizable, responsive, bootstrap powered, WPML compatible and great for commercial use. So, this maybe a good option for you to start out.


  • Borima Chann

    Borima Chann


    How can i change the number of stores listed per page? e.g.: change from 10 to 24


    • Nayem


      Hello Borima,

      I hope the support was able to solve your request 🙂

  • halcoolllc


    When the location filter will be ready? I am as a user he/she really needs to narrow down the local vendors around him/her. So by default all products/vendor/stores list with sorting by distance from the user make more sense to them, Right?

    • Nayem


      Hello Halcoolllc,

      You are correct that a location filter is necessary. We had the plan to implement such kind of feature in dokan but we did not implement it yet. I can make you sure that we will start work on it very soon. If you need more information then please contact our support- https://wedevs.com/account/tickets/ 🙂


  • Lisa


    Sorry I do want to change the dark overlay to be normal. Plus have the title of store underneath, next to “visit store”

  • kay


    so … this is great. I’m on the final stages of deciding which marketplace to choose. Can I ask the ‘Store’ & ‘Visit Store’ can this be changed to say ‘Designer’ & ‘Visit Designer’?

    • Nayem


      Hello Kay,

      Yes, it is possible to change the label but to do that you have to modify the plugin core file. I will suggest you to create a support ticket – https://wedevs.com/account/tickets/ to get the correct file location 🙂


  • mostafa astaraki

    mostafa astaraki

    i have problem with New Store Listing
    How to change the number of sellers per page
    On the My website Sellers List page
    Each page will show 10 seller
    I want to increase the number of these vendors per sheet
    Please teach how to do it

  • support119


    Is it possible to show the stores randomly ?

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