How To Use WordPress Project Manager To Build A Successful Remote Team Painlessly

A business, at least once in its lifetime, considers building a remote team. And Why Not?

There are numerous advantages – one of the prominent being you can hire the best of the best to your talent pool without being limited by geographical restrictions.

You may also have wanted to build your dream remote team but hesitated due to the involvement of distance, the time it takes to build such a team, lack of resources and money. All these contributing factors may defeat your spirit in spite of finding the right skills in people living far away. But now you have the right tool sufficient and perfect enough to build a harmonious and competitive remote team of workers – the WordPress Project Manager (WPPM).

Regardless of location, the features of WPPM Plugin lets you build a flourishing remote team that covers everything you need from task management to team collaboration to advanced reporting.

How you can build an efficient remote team with WPPM

While building a remote team one of your first concerns is perhaps that you would have to be very technologically dependent to make this team work.
With WPPM, you can dismiss this fear because this plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress dashboard and is interactive enough for someone not so tech savvy to run it smoothly.

a) The main Dashboard of WP Project Manager gives you a fine bird's eye overview of your team's operations and work progress:

b) The Activities page gives you a real-time feed of all actions going on in the team (like to-do list creation, task creation, completion, and more) in a chronological manner and date wise.

Thus you are able to stay up to date and have a good glimpse with the projects of your team members.

c) Often it gets tough to understand the needs and difficulties that your employees may be facing when they are working remotely. Whereas, in-house workers have the benefit of socializing and having water-cooler chit chats during their break time, remote workers have to rely on technology to get to know their peers well.

Therefore, building a relationship with your team workers is extremely important because it communicates to your remote team how the company operates and how it expects its teams to work.

With Discussions, you can discuss anything online with your co-workers. Ask a question from the task page for clarification. Whether you want to message a member privately or notify all team members with an announcement, you can do it all with just checking on or off a few boxes. You and other members can also attach files or have an open discussion with other members. The feature is very much self explanatory.

d) A to-do list is the backbone of your project management and WPPM has made sure this process is painless for you. Within a project, you can create several to-do lists to host your project tasks. To-do lists can also be tagged with milestones so that you can check progress. You can change the privacy of each to-do lists and each tasks as you wish. This feature allows you to add external collaborators when needed who are not part of the regular team.

e) The Milestones feature help you to achieve your goal with better precision. Use Milestones to break down your projects in to several phases and reward your team for their accomplishments. You can add anything as milestones – messages, to-do lists and to-do's.

Since Milestones have set dates and times, they help your team to get a better grasp of how much time and resources they should spend for each breakdown of the task.

Track the progress to see who is falling behind and who is moving faster.

f) Imagine if you could start, pause, and stop the scheduled tasks of your team members within an exact time. With the Time Tracker add-on you are able to do just exactly that. It works like a Stop Watch, but it is much more than that!

You will be able to calculate the total time spent on a task. This is really handy especially if you have any team members who are paid hourly.

This promotes workflow transparency into your remote workers’ days. It lets you reward and appreciate your team members who complete their tasks on time and satisfactorily.

With Time Tracker, you can also set the time manually.

g) If you are feeling the Time Tracker will make you difficult on your remote team lest you judge them only by their ability to abide by time limits, worry not!
We have a tool that also lets you also see the accomplishments of each and every task created within your project.

The add-on, Gantt Chart, displays how much of a task has progressed. As the manager you also have control over the due dates, and can move the tasks left or right to change the dates.

Employees can also view their individual progress on each task and take responsibility accordingly. Gantt Charts not only inspires your team to work harder but also prevents micromanaging on your part. Combined with the Milestones feature, you will be able to decide precisely how an employee is progressing based on their activeness and pro-activeness and reward them accordingly, for example, for finishing a task early.

This feature is a creative and trusted way of organizing tasks and assignee for each project and to-do lists.

h) You can also view progress directly from your Project Manager dashboard where all your teams' activities will display based on their working dates. It is more advanced than the Activity feed tab within each project. It contains the project name, to-do list, activities and tasks.

The progress page shows the overall actions of your team across your site. This means you can get a whole scenario of your company at a glance. Thus if you have more than one remote team, this feature will be insightful.

h) The My Tasks page shows a quick view of your team member's tasks including the current, outstanding and completed ones. As a manager, you can visit the My Tasks page of each individual team member and see this quick view of all that they have done in a single page!

There is also a chart of each member's activity. The visualization through curves and charts shows an overview of activities over a certain period. In other words, creating performance reviews just got easier!

Other Features

WP Project Manager also has a calendar feature for your projects.

The plugin also has automatic reports with insights.

The daily digest feature sends automatic emails to all users notifying about a summary of the day. This also includes the pending and upcoming tasks for the next day.

With files manager, see all of your project files at one place. Navigate to the linked messages, to-do lists or tasks just with one click.

With Multiple team member roles, you can decide each user role associated with a project. Each project comes with custom access permissions.

Why Choose WP Project Manager

Whether you are a tech company or an agency, telecommuting work can limit employee absences, increase worker productivity, and save your money. But only if you have the right tool to execute it. And WPPM gives you just that!

With WPPM discover the world of remote working and manage the team painlessly. WPPM has all the essential features you need to successfully create and build a team that works from home. Work and collaborate from anywhere because you can access it from any mobile device. Get full control of your team's productivity without resorting to any third party site with limitations. Create unlimited projects, tasks and involve as many people you want from anywhere you want. Control your team capacities because you have privacy feature in everything!

Have you had any experience building a remote team with WPPM? remote employees? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments section below!

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