All New Dokan Shipping with WooCommerce – Now Set Your Own Shipping Packages

Dokan as the flagship product of weDevs always comes up with innovative changes keeping the customer's user-friendliness in mind. This time the changes in Dokan have taken their turn in the advanced shipping features.

Before we go any further with the changes in the Dokan Shipping options. Here is a glimpse of how the settings of Shipping and its zones need to work in the backend in order to make the new Dokan Shipping features take effect for the customers in the frontend.

Dokan Shipping Settings

Dokan Shipping Settings

The Admin needs to enable the shipping method and set its rates of the available or newly created shipping zones from here.

Newly Added Features of Dokan Shipping

Well, previously when a customer used to send their desired items from different vendors to carts, it was not possible to calculate the shipping charges separately in the cart totals. It is only used to display the subtotals of the customer's carted items which used to look something like this.

Newly Added Features of Dokan Shipping

But now the latest Dokan Multivendor is much more diverse than before. A customer is able to send their chosen products to a cart with a separate ‘Calculate Shipping' option. The new shipping package option includes Flat rate and Local pickup whose rates are preset from the backend.

Newly Added Features of Dokan Shipping

A customer may buy products from two different vendors. The shipping cost might vary as well depending on the available shipping method selected. A customer now can checkbox the ‘Flat rate' or ‘Local Pickup' of individual carted items separately from different vendors. At the bottom row of Total, it now automatically calculates the accumulated product cost. Which also includes the selected shipping method of individual products from different vendors.

What do You Get in Calculated Shipping

The option to select your desired shipping zone, state etc. could be one of the handiest features to have in any shipping option. So now keeping the convenience of the customers in mind, the all-new Calculate shipping option in Cart totals fulfills all that flawlessly. Now the customer can view the detail of the shipping cost added to their Total cost.

So clicking on the ‘Calculate shipping' option, will appear three menus consisting of Country, State/County, and Postcode/ZIP code. You can below that the total cost of the product including shipping to the US adds up to £60. As for both vendors, the shipping package is set to a flat rate of £5 for its customers hence, an extra £10 (£5+£5) for both products is automatically added to the subtotal amount of £50 stretching its total product cost to £60 including its total shipping charge to the US. You can enable/disable the shipping method and its costs from the backend for other zones as well.

Shipping calculation

Pressing on Update totals will automatically refresh the calculated new total of the carted products. It adds the preset rate of ‘Flat rate' or ‘Local pickup' along with the subtotal value of carted products.

Different shipping methods for different Shipping Zones

In the shipping settings, all Shipping method other than the US is set to a Flat rate of £2 with no Local pickup value to it. So, therefore shipping made to any other zone other than the US, only shows the Flat rate of £2 as the shipping method.

Shipping zones

Now the shipping cost for a zone other than the US adds £4 (£2+£2) in the Subtotals of the products. It now takes the net payable cost to £54 adding just its Flat rate value for all the carted products of two different vendors.

Adjusting Cart Totals in Real Time

Another cutting-edge change in the new Dokan Shipping option is its ability to calculate & update the Total cost of any product in real-time. Any Shipping method box unchecked and then checked back with any other shipping method for one or more products automatically updates the total cost in real-time.

Dokan Shipping

So now changing the Flat rate option to Local pickup or vice-versa for one product or all will concurrently add & update the net total in real-time.

Final words

Not just in its shipping options, Dokan has also gone through some major changes in its prices & package plan recently. Giving its user the ultimate freedom and flexibility, Dokan is working its way to satisfy every customer's needs. But we also believe that there is still a lot of scope for improvements. So hopefully, in the future, we will be able to pile up packages and features that will indulge everyone completely.

To know more about all the recent changes in Dokan plans & packages visit Dokan price reduction & package change.

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