Our New Plugin: Email Commenters

We brought you a brand new free WordPress plugin to send emails to your post commenter’s, it's a very simple one.

There is a similar plugin Email Commenters with the same motto, but it hardly solves the issue simply. It just puts a email icon on at the admin bar, clicking that link goes to your email client. And it didn't worked for me.

So here's the plugin, just select all post or select a single post and click next. All the email addresses will be fetched and will be added to the Bcc list. Compose your mail and give a subject, hit send. Easy as pie

select post
You can select a single post or all posts.
Send Email
User email from that post or from all post will be prensented there as Bcc. Now you can send the mail
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[button style=”white” icon=”icon-download-alt” link=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/email-to-commenters/”]WordPress.org[/button] [button style=”deepbrown” icon=”icon-download-alt icon-white” link=”https://github.com/tareq1988/commenter-email”]Github[/button] [/infobox]

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