Business Modules in ERP Software For Employee Satisfaction

Business Modules in ERP solutions are usually centered around the efficiency of your business process. They meant to grasp the employee's and clients' satisfaction alike.

An automated system that keeps your process proactive should also increase the satisfaction of the people around you. Therefore, ERP software requires a careful analysis of the context of your business.

In other words, what features of an ERP should you implement? You must define those pin-point nontheless. It is not wise to implement all the features at a time.

In this blog, we will help you to decide which ERP business modules you need to gear up your business activities. Thus propel your employee and client relationships.


Business Modules in ERP depend on Your Business Context

66% of business faces operational trouble while implementing an ERP into their system. This happens because most companies fail to understand how many features they should imply.

They ignore the importance of examining ERP features and whether they match a business's context. Well, what is your business context? It refers to the type of business.

If you have a multivendor eCommerce shop, you need some specific ERP features which may not necessarily require a digital marketing agency.

business modules in erp
You may need to start with your business roots to analyze your business's context.

Moreover, studies have shown that roughly 75% of ERP projects fail. Here are some examples from real-life:

  • In 2000, Nike suffered a loss of $100 million in sales because the ERP for a supply chain project had failed.
  • Just before Halloween in 1999, Hershey's failed to make deliveries of chocolates worth $100 million all because the ERP implementation had failed.

In such a scenario, it is very likely the developers of the ERP will HAVE to be called in to recover from the crisis.

When ERP implementations fail, it throws the employees into a state of confusion. They will be lost as to how to respond to the ERP system especially if the system has only been recently implemented.

Therefore, to prevent such chaos into your business, analyze your business before deciding which business ERP module you need. Yes, that's one of the most effective solutions.

Choosing the Right Business Modules in ERP

You don't have to think deeply to decide which business module for ERP software is needed. You just need two things.

  • Grasp the proper idea of an ERP solution
  • Find out which business modules in ERP works best for you.

If you already are a WordPress user, things will be easier for you. As WordPress is the largest CMS platform today, open-source ERP become more handy and powerful with it.

Well, let's take look at these ERP modules one by one. They works for different section of your business simultaneously.

The Human Resources Department

If you are handling many or few employees, it will be a good idea to automate the management of your employees. This lowers the stress of your Human Resource (HR) department.

ero for HR
Your HR department will do a better job of managing employees if the management is automated from a single dashboard.

So for such a scenario, you may likely face the following challenges in managing and organizing your employees:

  • Marking the Attendance of your Employees.
  • Easy Recruitment for various departments and posts.
  • Send SMS notification in times of urgency.
  • Reimbursement system for tracking payments done by employees.

To address the above-mentioned challenges, you would only have to choose the following business modules for your ERP system.

Attendance Module

The attendance plugin does not address just address attendance, it also sets grace times, and enable you to send emails if an employee forgets to check-into the system. This video shows how to set up an attendance system.

SMS Notification

wp erp  SMS

Your HR department may need to address the employees in an emergency. The SMS notification module is the right medium to turn to communicate with your employees especially when everyone is not using the core ERP system.

Recruitment Module

wp erp attendance

With the recruitment module, you do not have to even work with a job agency. Your HR staff simply set the requirement by setting forms, questionnaires, and organize candidates who have applied.


wp erp Reimbursement

There will be times when employees will end up having to pay more for your expenses. Tracking such expenses should not be ignored or else the honesty of your business will be put into question. This is where the Reimbursement module steps-in.

As analyzed above, this is how you can achieve satisfaction by choosing modules that ease management for your HR department alone.

Employees Prefer Business Modules in ERP that are Transparent

There was once a time when taking notes was a common norm for tracking tasks and assignments. However, in today's corporate world, this is not how things work.

The tasks today are very diverse. Groups need to be created along with Milestones, Projects, and Gantt Charts.

erp modules and implementation
Sticky notes are a limit when you have too many tasks to monitor.

Employees will want to track their work, so this is where the Project Manager module comes in. Keep in mind that this module is also used by employees as well-not just project managers.

erp modules and implementation
Employees will want to track their completed tasks to be seen so they can bargain better pay or promotion.

From the employee's perspective, this transparency will motivate them to complete their tasks. As their list of completed work can be seen by others too. Furthermore, employees will feel empowered as they will feel motivated to talk on how to improve their tasks.

ERP Project manager
An example of the Project Manager Dashboard.

The Project Manager module tracks and monitors assigned work that is pending, delayed or completed. As an employer, you will too want to see the progress of your individual employees, not just the business in general.

The managers of your business can communicate with their co-workers by updating tasks or assign tasks with this module.

Easy Accounting Management System Lessen the Stress

ERP accounting modules
An example of ERP Accounting Module: as you can see, the entire accounting structure and calculation are set and automated for you.

The accountant of your organization equally deserves the right business modules for satisfaction.

Managing accounting activities is hard. Yet, it requires your accountant to use reliable software. It helps to track the transaction and financial flow of your company in a strategic way.

Fortunately, if you are using a WordPress website then the Accounting module can fascilitate all of your accounting operation at ease.

Even if you are not fluent in Accounting, you will still be able to calculate the costs and expenses as the system calculates everything for you. This diminishes stress in managing to account.

Automate Complex Management Areas with ERP Business Modules

Managing customers require a separate army of expertise. It also requires proper software to manage customer contacts. Here are the following problems that you may face frequently-

These issues are impossible to track using a pen and a notebook.

project management business modules in ERP

The CRM module takes care of the above-mentioned challenges.

This is because the CRM (customer relationship management) module will set the communication system and relationship management for you.

Your employees will only have to use the system to address your clients.

erp customer relationship
Automation in customer relationships raises efficiency which leads to a stronger bond with customers.

So how does this keep your employees satisfied?

Your staff will not be overwhelmed by managing numerous customers.

And what happens when employees are able to work with ease?

Efficiency will rise. More of your customer's queries and problems will be addressed effectively. All of this will result in your business making not only profits but great relationships with your customers.

Training for Your Employee with the ERP Module

No matter how efficient and mature your business modules in ERP are, all will be lost if your employees are not TRAINED to use the system.

At the end of the day, it is really your employees who will make the most out of the system.

Invest time to train your employees while also setting a culture where employees to assist each other. Particularly, it works for those who may be slow to adopt the system.

erp training
Always train employees if a new system is implemented.

On a similar note, you can arrange skill improvement training for your employes. You can add HR training integration with your HR module to do so.

Some of the top features of this extension are –

  • Create and manage skill development courses
  • Organizing all the training material
  • Modify courses to the employee profile
  • Easy employee evaluation, and many more.

Moreover, you can find a lot of aiding documentation on how to use the ERP system on the product website. Within days, you can gain control over the whole system.

Final Thoughts on Business Module in ERP Software

For businesses, an ERP system is one of the largest and long-lasting investment.

You should analyze the context of your business first. Only then will you be able to decide which ERP business module your employees will need.

If you still have difficulty in deciding which modules you need, let us know in the comments section.

So tell us, which modules do you think will lead to employee satisfaction?

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