Looking for a WP project management tool that ensures 100% privacy?

Project management tools are an important part of getting the works of your project done. The right project management tool ensures it is easy to add and manage projects, create and assign tasks, and overall better communication between coworkers for the streamlined success of projects.

However, for your specific needs, you may be looking for a bit more from your project management tool. If you're a WordPress enthusiastic, chances are, you would give anything for a project management system that works within your WordPress installation. You may even be looking for various levels of privacy to ensure certain projects are only visible to the people they are meant for.

There are many tools out there that let you manage your projects efficiently. But if you want something that brings the mainstream features of an ideal project management tool under the roof of WordPress, let us introduce you to WP Project Manager Pro, a plugin that brings project management to your beloved WordPress dashboard!

What is WP Project Manager Pro?

In a nutshell, WP Project Manager Pro is an easy to use, efficient and intuitive project management system that integrates with WordPress. Once installed, it lets you create projects, assign coworkers to projects, add to-do lists and tasks, discusses projects with other coworkers or clients, add files, and do a lot more.

Even better thing about this plugin is, if you aren't satisfied with all the built-in features that this project management tool comes with, there are even more functionality available in the form of add-ons. You can get an add-on to activate a Trello-like board to easily manage tasks within a project. You can get an add-on to activate client invoicing. You can even get an add-on that lets you and your coworkers track time as they work on each individual task.

For a project management system that relies on your WordPress, WP Project Manager Pro brings a lot to the table. You can check out the features page to check out some of the features that the plugin has built-in, or the Add-ons gallery to see what else can be added to your WordPress-based project management system.

What about privacy?

Right, that's what today's post is all about, privacy. It's important to maintain a certain level of privacy so that coworkers can only see what they are meant to see. Thankfully, the WP Project Manager comes with built-in user permission settings. Without creating additional user roles in the core WordPress, WP Project Manager lets you set who is a client, who is a coworker, and who is the manager.

As shown in the screenshot below, every time you create a project, you can set who will be the manager, client and coworker in that particular project. Note that the people need to be registered on your WordPress site beforehand, and it doesn't matter what WordPress role their account is as long as they can access the dashboard of your site.

wp project manager permission

Okay, so you have set who is what in your new project. But how do you set who gets to do what in the project?

That's even simpler to set. In every project page, there is a settings tab as shown in the image below. Navigating to that Settings tab you can find project permission settings. Here you can see who can create different items and who can view things that are marked as Private.

wp project manager pro

In the ideal scenario above, you can see coworkers are allowed to create and view everything while clients can only create, but not view items that are marked as private. Certain messages can be marked as private so that only the assignee or coworkers can see them. If you want your clients to see everything, you can change the permission settings here.

Even Further Privacy Settings: Group Projects

Let's say you want even more privacy control over your projects given that you run a fairly large company that has lots of coworkers working on it. How do you maintain different projects with different levels of permission so that certain people cannot even see other projects?

Although at first glance WP Project Manager Pro may look like it's intended for small businesses, it can even be used for companies with a lot of employees. To get even more privacy controls to the point where the entire project's visibility are limited to certain group of people, what you need is an add-on called BuddyPress for Project Manager.

Without going into the details of what BuddyPress is, it's suffice to say that it's sort of a social networking plugin that turns WordPress into a social networking system. Now you don't need a social networking system on your company, but you do if you want to limit your project's visibility to certain groups of people.

wp project manager pro
BuddyPress add-on for WP Project Manager Pro takes advantage of the Groups functionality to limit project visibility to certain people.

Once BuddyPress add-on is installed and activated, you will get to see a new option that allows projects to be created inside Groups. And that is the basic idea of it.

First, you have to create groups. Inside those groups, you can add coworkers who are relevant to that group. For instance, if you create two groups one with Web Development title and the other with Web Design title, your web developers will go to the first group and the designers will go to the second group. It truly depends on how you want to structure your groups.

WP Project Manager BuddyPress Integration

The next time you create a project within a group, that project will only be visible to the members of that particular group. If you set those groups' privacy as Secret, which you can when creating a group from BuddyPress, coworkers who are not the members of that secret group will not even know that there are projects under that group.

As you can see, it's an effective and efficient privacy control made possible by WP Project Manager Pro plugin in combination with BuddyPress add-on. This brings us to the conclusion of today's post.

As you can see WP Project Manager Pro has tons of features for managing projects easily and efficiently. In addition to those, you already have several types of privacy control to maintain the level of secrecy for your projects. So if you're in the market for a WordPress-based project management tool that ensures 100% privacy the way you want it, look no further than WP Project Mananager Pro.

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