How AI in Project Management Will Change the Work Scenario for Project Managers

Technology in project management has been in hot talks for the past couple of decades. With time, the idea of using technology in managing day-to-day project tasks is pondered, implemented, and often revolutionalized the work process of project managers. Therefore, it never ceases to evolve.

And, today we are living in the age of artificial intelligence. Those science fictions from HG Wells to Arthur C. Clarkes we've been reading for generations become a reality, though in a positive way. And almost in every sphere of our digital being, AI is up for playing an effective role, and it is moving so fast.

So, yes, AI already aims to make an impact on project management too. The question is how effectively project managers can use it. In this article, we will show you the major uses of AI in project management. Once you finished reading, you will be able to make up your mind on how to implement AI to manage your projects and get the best out of it.

Artificial Intelligence in Project Management – an Overview

AI is booming. The global AI market stands in a stupendous number right now. And, currently, a $100 billion dollar AI market is expected to cross twentyfold by the end of 2030, in other words nearly an insane 2 trillion U.S. dollars. (Statista)

So, this is pretty much obvious that most businesses around the world planning to adopt the power of artificial intelligence in this decade and so on. We already understand why this has to be a reality. If you implement AI, it will save a lot of your time, and physical effort. Also, it will improve your decision-making and overall workflow.

With similar effectiveness, project management also gets along well with artificial intelligence.

Since automation becomes an integral part of managing projects, and more than 77% of high-performing project teams are already using project management software around the globe. AI is only enhancing the power of it to the next level.

Therefore, a stark scenario we need to think about more is that – the role of a project manager is about to change in an AI-powered business environment. How likely?

The Role of a Project Manager in an AI-Powered Industry

The Role of a Project Manager for ai in project management

Imagine this: you have implemented an AI-enabled project management software in your business. Async all of your work processes and people with the tool. Then what happens?

You can monitor the performance of each team member, their updates, and project progress. The software will analyze the information it gathers and tells you how things going. Also, it will let you know where to improve. Hence all of this is on course to be more advanced in nature. AI can also help you make viable decisions in different situations, monitor team members' activities, notify them before they made any possible mistake, and much more.

So, if all these things can be accomplished by AI-enabled project management software, what should be the role of the project manager in your company?

Well, the answer is simple. AI shall make a project manager's job much more focused, and faster, and help him/her extends his work process and activities in a wider area of a business.

According to a Harvard Business Review projection, “project managers will spend most of their time coaching and supporting the team, maintaining regular conversations with key stakeholders, and cultivating a high-performing culture.”

As a result, project managers are about to put more effort to help team members to accomplish the goal. And, AI-powered software going to take care of all the petty and big technical stuff at the same time like a super assistant.

What Are the Changes AI Going to Bringing in Project Management

Change is nature. How you cope with the changes is what matters most.

Top project managers around the world also being so interested and strategic when thinking about AI implementation. It's been years now they are preparing themselves for this moment. Utilizing the newest technology to enhance their potential and possibilities.

Here we've found out some of the most talked about changing aspects of project management in the age of artificial intelligence. Take a look –

1. Better Decision Making with Prioritization and Big Data

One of the main trouble with automation that project managers have faced so far is the lack of proper reading of data sets and analyzing them with the right measures. Even, in the current situation, available AI tools are not able to comprehend it completely.

While data selection and prioritization is the key to analyzing the possibilities of single or multiple projects. As AI being evolved so much and is on course to become stronger each day from now on, it will make up for that weakness.

So, project managers are going to implement artificial intelligence to get the following results –

Identify the nature of data sets: If there are any abnormalities in project data (budget, schedules, active team members, funding of the project, etc), AI can easily detect that. And suggest needful measures to solve the abnormalities.

Sorting out the launch-ready project: An AI-driven project management software can read and analyze information faster and measure them in the right way. So it can help identify the projects that are ready to launch. That means you can choose the right projects from a possible set based on their possibilities of higher success.

Better Risk Management: When you know which projects poised more chance of success, you can mitigate your risks.

More strict data-driven decision-making: You can get rid of typical human biases while making decisions with AI. Because you will have logics that will be based on real-time data.

2. Super support for managing your day-to-day project tasks

Super support for managing your day-to-day project tasks

The use of AI in project management will make project managers relieved from their day-to-day tasks or petty administrative hurdles. Well, to the highest extent possible. Automation was already there to propel these tasks with an easy process. But with the implementation of artificial intelligence, you can make things more streamlined and manageable.

AI going to list down all the repetitive, mundane, or low-value tasks, and turn them in a wheel of automation to accomplish them with accuracy. From monitoring all sorts of daily activities, attendance, and team progress to solving support tickets – AI will be there all around.

For example, the idea of a digital assistant is booming after AI tools like ChatGPT revolutionized the idea of processing large sets of data and generating quick assessments in the shortest time. Project managers can get a lot of help from tools like ChatGPT/GPT-4 and implement powerful virtual assistants.

Oracle recently announced a digital assistant that can provide recent data and stats, and help users update time and tasks progress by using voice, text, or chat commands.

Overall, the goal of a super digital assistant is to analyze previous work history and work data to sort out the mistakes and strengths and improve further, cutting out the risks to accomplish better results.

Another fabulous thing is AI-powered chatbots. The ever-improving chatbots surely help project managers to lessen their effort to manage customer queries, support, and much more.

3. Better Project definition, planning, and reporting with Artificial Intelligence

Project risk management comprises the following process –

  • Identifying
  • analyzing
  • responding

In a cycle of a project, you need to find out situations (identify), understand their nature (problem, lack of progression), and respond to them (solving) with the right measures and time. Thats how you get to mitigate the risks and manage your project to possible success.

Undoubtedly, risk management is one of the most developed areas in project automation. Project managers and business leaders have always been privileged to use the newest tools to manage risks and overcome hurdles.

Similarly, with the improvement coming to AI in project management, it will help managers to define projects, plan with more accurate data, and report with less time. With big data analysis, advanced machine learning, and powerful digital assistance you are going to get the following –

  • AI can collect and process user stories and find out the problem, pain points, consistency, and complexities. AI also analyze them and facilitates decision-making while defining a project, planning, and reporting.
  • AI tools make it simple to assess large sets of data, schedule processes, draft plans, and let you know the required resources to project accomplishment
  • When your AI-powered project management database becomes strong, it can produce automated reports with real-time data, and keep track of everything with less physical or mental effort.

The best advantage of AI-generated reports is they are well-detailed, manifest a clear project status, and help you find out the strength and weaknesses of your project and team at the same time.

4. Focusing More on Advanced Testing and Software

Focusing More on Advanced Testing and Software

Before launching, testing a project is essential for many reasons. Project managers need to understand if a project in the pipeline is ready enough to get a green signal or not.

Though, right now, it's quite rare thing for a company to run a test project and find out the potential. Only a handful of megaprojects availing this opportunity. Also, it demands a big budget and scope which most companies may find inconvenient.

However, with the advancement of AI technology, project testing tools will be more available to companies. Eventually, this will be a trend for project managers to test a project before initiating one, with AI-powered software and tools.

Testing will allow project managers to understand the possible cost, weaknesses, strengths, and possibilities. The whole process will influence the decision-making, budgeting, and managerial aspects.

AI in Project Management Go Hand in Hand for a Better Future

AI is here for help, at least the present is indicating a green signal. Artificial intelligence is all for making your project management a lot easier and more effective. But the crucial thing would be the adoption process. If you are not ready for it you must endure the shortcomings.

So, what should be your first priority right now in a world that is soon gonna revolutionalized by artificial intelligence? The answer is simple – preparation and proper training.

Firstly, you need to help your team to learn AI, how big data works, and how to work with machine learning and analytics in a better way.

The second thing is data transformation. If you have a business that has an archive of analog data, or a digital but old database, it's high time to make them updated, reduce the burden of unnecessary data, and create a whole new information center. This will help you and your team to strong preparation for the new dawn of project management in the age of artificial intelligence.

Being ready and open to changes is the smartest step you could ever imagine for now.

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