Best AI-Powered Tool to Manage Meetings and Events (Online+Offline)

Do you run a service-based business that needs appointments and scheduling? Then an appointment scheduling tool is a must-grab. 

Despite many competitions out there, it’s tough to pick the best scheduling tool that covers all your appointments and meeting needs. 

But guess what? 

There’s an AI meeting assistant tool that covers both online and offline meetings that elevate your business conversions and give you everything you need to manage alongside convert your best-selling events.

So, let’s introduce A smart Scheduling Solution for Meetings and Businesses

Why Do You Need an AI Meeting Assistant?

An illustration that is explaining why do you need an AI meeting assistant

A better appointment scheduling tool helps you run meetings more efficiently and saves a ton of time. If used wisely, appointment tools can optimize operations online to get you to the desired revenue growth. 

But still, how? 

Well, here are a few important reasons: 

i) No room for back-and-forth scheduling 

One thing that any scheduling tools out there will solve is eliminating back-and-forth tasks to get one client. Of course, backed by automation, your clients can be able to book appointments on their own when you use an appointment tool. 

ii) Zero Human Errors

People make mistakes during pressuring tasks—like booking an appointment, following up over phone calls, rescheduling or confirming meeting schedules, etc. 

Appointment tools are designed to automate all these hectic tasks, so you can see all the boring work getting done, on the go. 

iii) Save 10x Time with Online Scheduling Tools

With all the incredible scheduling features, you can save up to tenfold using an appointment scheduling tool. 

Scheduling tools come with cool features that send reminders and reschedule emails by themselves, let your customers book by themselves, notify you if anything goes sideways, and let you save a big amount of time to concentrate elsewhere. 

Now let’s see the Appointment Tool we talked about: 

Best AI Meeting Assistant Tool: Manage All Your Online+Offline Meetings & Events in a Single Click

A screenshot to the dashboard of timetics AI meeting assistant

Today we’ll take a look at Timetics – the best place to automate both ONLINE and OFFLINE meetings and events, with the power of AI. 

Timetics is an AI meeting assistant to help your arrange meetings with great efficiency.

If you don’t have much time to read all the details, here's what Timetics offers in a nutshell: 

  • Create Unlimited Meetings, with multiple meeting types, and groups, and run recurring events on autopilot.
  • Manage your reservations and offline events with a Multi-Style Seating Plan
  • Add and manage teams and set their availability for different meetings
  • Power up your meetings as well as events with tons of awesome integrations.
  • Connect with your audience easily with Google Meet, Zoom, etc.
  • Get Stripe and PayPal Payment Integration
  • Reschedule Booking Email Notification

Timetics is designed to give you a solid journey from making appointments to organizing a successful event, with everything you need to make it happen. Just like sliding down a water coaster/slide, and the splash is your conversion rate

Let’s See The Ground-Breaking Features of the Timetics Scheduling Tool

An illustration to features of the Timetics AI meeting assistant

The minds behind Arraytics have Timetics with loaded features the industry is craving for. Timetics comes with a list of incredible features to make appointment management easier, faster, and of course a huge time-saver…

Hard to believe? Here are some of them:

1. AI-powered Scheduling Recommendation

An illustration to AI-powered scheduling recommendation

Now let’s see the first feature Timetics offers you— “the AI-powered scheduling recommendation”. 

It comes with an AI-based personalization that speeds up more scheduling by recommending customers the suitable option they are looking for, based on their previous booking history. 

For example, if a client has dyed her hair before in your beauty saloon, the AI will recommend the best slot with the recommended hairdresser the next time she comes around to make an appointment.

Just like YouTube personalization, AI keeps your clients engaged in the booking page and drives them more to make an appointment. If you’ve used scheduling tools before, you will realize this is way above other scheduling tools.

2. Plan Meetings and Events with Drag-n-Drop Seat Arrangement

An illustration to plan meetings and events with drag-n-drop seat arrangement

Now let's dive deep into one of the coolest features of Timetics: The Drag-n-Drop Seat Plan.

If you’re looking to arrange an in-person meeting, like a meetup or seminar, classroom, conference, movie hall, salon, reservation, events, or anything like that, The Visual Seat Arrangement makes it 10x easier to arrange event floor plans in a few clicks. 

A gif to show how to arrange event floor plans in a few clicks

When you dive into the visual seat plan, you'll discover it’s a drag-n-drop floor builder with drawing features like chairs, tables which you can use and duplicate to arrange your seat arrangement, colorize them as you want to differentiate each row, and a sweet feature tool like Multi-tier Tickets to set on each seat like Premium, Gold, VIP tickets, etc. 

A gif to show how to arrange event seats in a few clicks

Visual Seat arrangement saves a lot of time if you’re looking for ways to organize your events after your clients make an appointment. As the first of its kind, Visual Seat Arrangement by Timetics plays as an icing on the cake in the appointment scheduling tool. 

3. Event Management Solution

An illustration to event management solution

It’s time to check out the third sweetest feature of Timetics: Event Management

Everything you need to organize your in-person meetups or sessions after you are scheduled with your clients is right here in this feature. 

And guess what? 

Event Management in Timetics comes with features like Multiple Ticket Tiers, Customer QR Codes, attendee and speakers scheduling management and so much more. 

You can literally set up schedules, sell event tickets with different tiers, set up a calendar to sync with the event speakers and attendees, their registration, and send them reminders before the event. 

That pretty much covers everything you need for your next-level appointment meetings or scheduled events. 

4. AI-powered Niche-based Solution 

Not just appointments or events, Timetics gives priority to your dashboard experience. 

We get it, not all businesses operate the same way. 

The way you might run a salon business reservation is the same as running an event or taking reservations for a restaurant. 

Backed by AI, Timetics aims to keep the dashboard experience more intuitive and personalized. 

Here’s how it works: 

When you sign up to Timetics, it just asks you a few basic questions like the nature of your business, how you want the reservation to take place, etc. After that, Timetics will automatically create a personalized dashboard based on your preference and your business nature. 

And all the relevant tools and options will be available there. 

That way, you can operate your businesses with all the necessary features you need.

5. Multiple Ticket Tiers

Just like we discussed about tickets in the event management, you can set up different ticket tiers for each of your attendees, and arrange your seats based on the ticket tiers. 

For instance, you can set multiple tiers for selling event tickets like VIP, Gold, VVIP, and Platinum and set prices for each ticket and max ticket counts for each tier. 

6. Connect Meetings with Google Meet and Zoom

An illustration to connect meetings with Google meet and Zoom

Now let’s get back into the meetings part. 

Timetics Ai allows you to easily create and manage your bookings with Google Meet or Zoom.

So, for those of you who are more comfortable using Zoom or Google Meet over other video conferencing tools, we have got you covered. 

With your appointments being scheduled, you can set up either Zoom or Google Meet and set up your meetings, and a web conference link will automatically be generated and sent to your client’s inbox. 

Pssssst, Timetics has Microsoft Teams integration is coming pretty soon. 

7. Email + WhatsApp Notification 

An illustration to Email + WhatsApp notification of Timetics AI meeting assistant

We all know it. 

The biggest enemy of appointment-based businesses is No-Shows. 

Most businesses get frustrated with clients forgetting about their meetings or canceling their appointments at the last minute. As a result, this crumbles down the revenue stream. 

Timetics has created both Email and WhatsApp notifications with Twilio integration, to send multiple reminders via different channels like email and WhatsApp to reduce no-shows or last-minute cancellations. 

You can also send SMS reminders to your clients before the meetings, which is coming soon as an upcoming feature. 

8. Powerful SaaS Integrations with Timetics

An illustration to powerful SaaS integrations with Timetics AI meeting assistant

Timetics is backed with a range of sweet, robust integrations to take your appointment game to the next level. 

It comes with different SaaS integrations for different sections like: 

  • OpenAI for AI-powered experience 
  • WhatsApp integration with Twilio integration
  • Google Meet and Zoom integration for flawless online meetings
  • Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal integration to sync your bookings
  • PayPal and Stripe integration for a smooth revenue stream
  • Zapier and Pabbly integration to automate the workflow and share data across platforms. 

And as for the last sweet bite, Timetics is coming soon with Office 365 integrations, with Teams included for online meetings. 

9. Easy Payment Process 

A screenshot to explain Timetics supports multiple payment gateways

For those who struggle with payment gateways, Timetics has already incorporated Stripe and PayPal – so you have a smooth and easy payment process for your clients. 

More payment gateways are to come as Timetics will add more payment processes in a not-so-distant future. 

Some Ground-breaking Features of Timetics Coming Your Way 

Timetics comes with a sweet list of upcoming features that might convince you to try Timetics today. 

Proper market research and understanding of the audience’s needs drove this appointment scheduling tool to add a list of features that removes all the appointment hassles, automates all the tasks with fewer clicks, and elevates your user experience. 

Some of the incredible features we’re coming up with soon are: 

  • External URL to be shared to other platforms. 
  • Webhook features for clients to book on other websites.
  • Virtual Waiting Room for attendees to wait.
  • Round Robin to assign multiple hosts and reroute when necessary.
  • Office 365 integrations for your smooth Microsoft experience. 
  • Agency Accounts for Agencies managing multiple clients.
  • Ticket invoices with ticket/booking details
  • Booking Limits on any service or appointments 
  • Custom Domain for your service/ event brand.
  • Niche experience for restaurants, musicians, coaches, concerts, etc. 
  • AI Chatbot to eliminate all your manual tasks. 

Sounds too good to be true?
Timetics puts customers first, which is why these incredible features are on the way to boost your sales revenue and grow your business. 

Use Cases of Timetics Appointment Scheduling Tool

Let’s say you run a service-based business and your clients make appointments with you, but how do you plan to arrange the meetup? If it’s an online event, it’s okay. 

But if it’s an offline event?

Timetics helps you not only automate your appointment scheduling but also helps you organize what you plan to do after that.

Now let’s ask the most frequent question: Who is Timetics for? 

Let’s find out…

Services-Based Business: Any service-based business that needs to schedule appointments and meet the clients is a perfect fit for Timetics. Service-based businesses are: 

🍔 Restaurants✂ Salons 
😎 Consultancy 💪 Fitness or Yoga Sessions
💻 Tutor Sessions🎙 Seminars
📽 Academic classes🎸 Music Learning Sessions
🎬 Movie Theatres🤝 Conference Meetups
🎭 Expos🛠 Personal Brands

Timetics builds your online booking solution with an AI-powered niche-based experience and custom Domain and manages your meetings or sessions with multi-style seat arrangement.

  • Events Managers: Any event managers who organize and run high-converting events and sell tickets to generate revenue stream is the best match for Timetics. Timetics makes it easy for event managers with Customer Ticketing, attendee management, multi-style, speaker management, QR code ticketing and so much more.
  • Agencies: For agencies who run multiple clients, and look for an intuitive dashboard to manage all the brands can simply leave it to Timetics. 

Here’s why!

Timetics comes with an agency dashboard with all the individual custom domains for each of your clients, where you can build and modify the domain, bookings, and meetings as a super admin. After that, you can share the credentials with your clients and they can work on their dashboard as a super admin as well. 

Timetics gives you peace of mind for your agency, helping you run high-converting scheduling and event management for your clients. 

Let’s Compare Timetics with Other Meeting Scheduling Tools 

An iillustration to compare Timetics with other scheduling tools 

How about bringing in the Giants, Calendly? Or Trafft?

Calendly is a forefather in the appointment and booking industry, competing with many booking SaaS tools today as a beacon of inspiration. 

On the contrary, Trafft is hands down, one of the fastest-growing appointment booking tools in the industry, leading many businesses to their success. 

But how does Timetics fit beside them? Let’s figure out:

Feature Comparison: Timetics vs. Calendly vs. Trafft

One-to-Many Meeting Type
One to Many Meetings with Seat Plan
Round Robin❌ 
Meetings, Events and Conferences using Visual Seat Planner
Set Multiple Pricing Tiers for Tickets
Recurring Appointments
Google Calendar + Google Meet Integration
Languages- Spanish, Czech, French
Mailchimp✅ (via Zapier)
KonnectzIT integration
Private bookings
Pabbly Integration
WhatsApp Notification on Booking
Custom Domain✅ (coming soon)
AI Personalized Recommendations
Event Management
Redirect URL for every Booking Type❌(coming soon)
Free SSL
SMTP Email❌ 
Agency Accounts

As you can have a vivid view of the features that these 3 tools come with, let’s compare each of these appointment scheduling tools in pricing and plans. 

Pricing Comparison: Timetics vs. Calendly vs. Trafft

An illustration to pricing comparison of Timetics vs. Calendly vs. Trafft
SoftwareStarting Price (Monthly/User)Starting Price (Yearly/User)FreePremium Features
Calendly$12/seat$10/seat per monthYesConnect to Salesforce, HubSpot, Round Robin events, auto availability adjustments, 100+ integrations
Trafft$29/10 users$19/10 users a monthYesMeeting Buffers, booking website, Custom domains
Timetics$29/10 users$19/10 users a monthYesAI recommendations, event management, Visual Seat Arrangement 

How Timetics AI Meeting Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Business

Timetics packs a good punch when it comes to automating appointments and running events on a whim. If you’re itching for meetings and events, none can serve better than Timetics. 

But here’s a list of facts no one will share that Timetics has, and how it can grow your business: 

  • Timetics is Free Forever, so you can adjust your Free plan, and if you upgrade, you get almost everything unlimited. 
  • Run in-person meetings and events with a Visual Seat Arrangement that is easy to build within a minute! 
  • Timetics offers 10 users on the starting plans, to make sure you have the full team ready to roll on the dashboard.
  • AI-personalized recommendation helps boost appointment conversion by 2x.
  • Reduce No-shows down to zero with Email, WhatsApp, and SMS integration.

Getting Started with Timetics Appointment Scheduling Tool

An illustration to timetics AI meeting assistant

It’s simple, all you have to do is: 

  • Just head over to the home page, 
  • Click on the Start Free button 
  • Choose your Free plan or any plan you want
  • Check out and start scheduling!

Closing Note on Timetics- An AI Appointment Scheduling Tool

Timetics is more than just a scheduling tool, an AI-powered scheduling assistant for your online as well as offline meetings and events with features that save you time and make your experience smooth like butter.

So if you’re itching for something Timetics can offer, let’s try Timetics today!

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