WP SMS Verification Plugin Released

Dear WordPress Lovers,

We are happy to let you know that our “WP SMS Verification” plugin for WordPress has been released today. We decided to sell this plugin exclusively on Codecanyon.net site . You may already read our previous blog post about this plugin features. Though, here i am going to cover some again –

Main Features:

• Verify users via SMS and show information only to verified users.
• Verification works for both logged in and not logged in users (Visitors).
• Admin can make users verified manually (if user fail to verify themselves through SMS )
• Unregistered or Visitor users can see restricted information by verifying their mobile number as well
• Use short code – [wedevssms] your content [/wedevssms] or,
You can also add a PHP snippet if you want to customize the way you want.

if ( wedevs_is_sms_verified() ) {
//your verified content goes here
} else {
echo wedevs_sms_popup_link(‘link text');

Optionally you can give user id checking on the `wedevs_is_sms_verified` function. e.g

if ( wedevs_is_sms_verified( $user_id ) ) {
//your verified content goes here
} else {
echo wedevs_sms_popup_link(‘link text');

• Supports 140+ Countries

SMS Gateways:

Currently 2 SMS Providers supported by default.
– SMS Global ( http://www.smsglobal.com )
– Clickatell ( http://www.clickatell.com )

If you want to use any other custom SMS Gateway feel free to email us – info [at] wedevs [dot] com
A Must Have Feature for Classified Site:

If you are running a classified site which is popular or getting popular then this is the plugin you must have. to protect your user's privacy and stop spamming.
It may cost you a bit extra money, but surely your users will feel much more comfortable with your site
Where to buy and Price ?:

You can buy this plugin from codecanyon.net site ($14 USD).

Direct link:- http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-sms-verification/2822913

For support – post your question or comment at codecanyon site or our dedicated support forum – /support/forum/plug…-verification/

Live Demo: 

here – http://demo.wedevs.com/classipress/a…fication-test/

– User's Phone number is hidden.

If you want to test this plugin by your self , you are welcome to do so here – http://demo.wedevs.com/sms-verification-test/

Hope you are going to enjoy this plugin. We are hoping to listen from you about more improvement or features you want to see on this plugin. Remember, We are always here to listen to you.

Thank you.

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