How to Generate More Sales from your Digital Products

If you want to sell digital products then driving sales is not much but different from physical products. As downloadable products do not have tangible properties, you need to attract customers in adapted approach. To many people this might be a great challenge if they are new to this. But you are not without help.

What can be your Digital Product?

Your digital product can be a song or a podcast you have just recorded, an eBook you just compiled from your short stories or poems written behind your notebook, or a digital artwork created with Photoshop. It could be a photo from your camera, a tutorial video you recorded with your iPhone in your studio or a membership to your club. It may even be a custom made software or service patch for another software. You may sell a theme, a site template or even a presentation. Who knows? You can sell what ever digital stuff you want!

So, in this article, I am going to help you sell what you want to create. I will get you through several aspects of selling digital products from a business perspective that may give you a better edge. Marketplace owners can also take this articles to their vendors to help them out.

Upload them on a marketplace

This is probably the best idea. You can very easily setup your products on your personal site using WooCommerce without any cost and basic knowledge. Probably you are already doing it to avoid paying any commission. But how will you generate traffic to your site if it is already not there? Staying on a marketplace has several benefits. You get more exposure, the reviews have better acceptance to the customers and you stay in the flow with the latest promotion trends. Plus, a marketplace may actually be able to offer you better features than a single store. For example, Dokan Multivendor is a WordPress plugin that creates marketplaces using WooCommerce but adds, improves features and eases user experience greatly.

Get Testimonials from Users and Influencers

Digital products may have trust issues. Anything that is intangible and also sold online has that. If you were selling digital products like a file in a DVD from a local store, that would not have been a problem. To get word of mouth kind of recommendation for your digital product, you need to be able to generate that kind of satisfied customers. So, if you can convince your clients to write something about you or your brand or about the service you are offering, that will help greatly.

Another approach is to acquire an ambassador kind of person, who is an expert of the trade. Give him your product and ask him to write a few words on it. Post it with your product and do not forget to use the reviewers image with it, better if in action with your product.

Note that testimonials have a long time effect on your brand or product than a simple review.

Highlight Product Reviews

This one single aspect can make your product fly or ground it. You need to display your positive reviews as much as you can as early as you can. Nothing builds a more convincing statement. People who buy online always check for the reviews. They may not click the buy button if there are no reviews, if the review look like spam or the good reviews are not targeted properly. Do not let the bad reviews take you down, there will always be some of those.

You can learn more about product reviews from here →

Better Present your Digital Product Graphically

Whatever your digital product is, you can utilize the gallery image section with possible outcomes and applications of your product. This will be a strong convincing point for your customers. For example, if your digital product is a software or a website theme, do not hesitate to display all the ways it can be used. If it is a audio file, use album art, technical data, brand labels anything that is relevant.

Guest Reviews and Use your Product Link

Bloggers, social marketers and sometimes news agencies are hungry for traffic. If you can contact them and get your product reviewed, that would direct a lot of people to your product page who are already interested on the topic and wants to know more about your product. Do not forget to add your product link as a highlighted button or call to action on that review at a suitable place. As an exchange, you can offer them an affiliate discount or a one time payment.

Link External Reviews with your Product

Now, since you took care of the people reading the blogs, how about taking the people who didn't read it, but on your product page looking for an elaborate review? Bingo! you can use your product description section to link reviews as you please.

If Possible, Build a Separate Landing Page of your Own

Sometimes the default product page of your site or a marketplace will not be enough to describe the good aspects of your product. So if you have some web designing knowledge, you can actually create an elaborate landing page for your product where you have all the control to convince your visitors.

Think of What Customers Want to Know

If you can predict and answer or display what the customer is looking for in your product, more than half the battle is won. So think like a user, locate their pain points, show how your product solves them, and also, compare them with other solutions for shortening the decision making process for the customers.

Write Articles on your Product

Writing the inside story on why you created this product and how you did it creates engagement with the audience and they find it easier to align your product with their real life problems. So, keep writing, or even hire a copywriter to improve what you want to tell.

If Possible, Keep a Refund Policy

This depends. Not all sort of digital product can have a refund policy. In Fact you may think digital products should not have any refund policy at all. But sometimes, for softwares you can offer a time limited refund. Even there is a chance that your digital product may be corrupted. For our plugins at weDevs, we offer a 14 day refund if the advertised product doesn't function accordingly.

Increase Value or Offer Pricing Points

Give bundle, one free or different pricing points to make your product more affordable for the customers without even going for a direct discount.

Tell us what you have found

These are all I could think of. If you have already done some of these and found good results, share it with us in the comments. I will add it to this blog by quoting you. Won't you love that?

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