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There are plenty of project management solutions all over the internet. Many of them may appear feature rich and user-friendly, but you never know, looks can be deceptive. At some cases, you might think you are getting a great value for your money. Then after you start using it, you might find out this solution does not provide some of the features very essential to get your projects done.

At this stage, you have probably started to feel confused. What should you look for when you are considering to buy a project management solution? Let me share my two cents before I move onto other segments. In terms of functionality, I believe a project management solution should cover C-R-T attributes. If any of these elements go missing, you are probably wasting your money on the solution.

Here is the Magical Elements!

NO, it's not the CRT of Cathode Ray Tube monitors 😀

I am talking about features that ensure Collaboration- Real Time Action- Trackablity.


The solution must ensure and encourage collaboration. A project or team consists of many people from cross-functional teams who are required to interact frequently. If the solution you are using does not have a discussion forum or file sharing feature or different user roles to manage projects, then you better give up using it. You are wasting your money on that.

Real Time

This is an age of massive internet connectivity. Everyone wants to see and participate in things that are taking place somewhere else at the very moment. A software solution that can not guarantee real time data transmission will eventually lag behind. You can easily realize why it is vital for project management. Real time interaction boosts up efficiency and accuracy in your team.


And why do we need to track everything? It is because we can make better decisions with historical data that is stored via tracking. Organizations need to check how their resources are being utilized to produce expected outcomes. Likewise, project managers must track how the team members have been performing so far. Do they need to pace up their works or increase accuracy to meet client demands? All these can be answered easily if the features offer trackability.

WP Project Manager is a great plugin that fulfills these criteria. Check out how it can be a one-stop solution for all your project related needs. In today's write-up, I will highlight one of its standout feature named “File Manager“.

Expect Google Drive like Mobility

Well, obviously it is difficult to match google drive's awesomeness. But with this file manager, you can expect your team to achieve mobility. For example, you can create a doc or upload a file easily in your shared storage. It can only be accessed by the members with proper authorization. Let me show you how you can make the best use of this feature!

Select A Project and Go To ‘File' Option

The feature is easy to find. You just need to select an existing project or create a new one. Then go to the file option located at the top menu bar. You will see this interface when you go there.

You can see there are four effective options to help your team to become more collaborative and get a job done smoothly. Here is how they add value to you:

Create A Folder

It helps you to organize your files according to their type, date, project or other identifiers. You might be thinking this is a hygiene feature for any project management solution. I agree with your point. That is why I know how frustrating it gets when you can not find these options in some of the highly promoted task management plugins.

You can also make this folder private so that only people with authorized permission can access it. This is an indication how WP Project Manager values your safety and confidentiality.

Upload A File

Upload any types of files you want with a simple click. The process is very quick and you have the same option to set privacy settings for the file.

Create A Doc

When every member of your team is using Project Manager, isn't it convenient if you can create docs internally? Knowing the answer, WP Project Manager is offering you this useful option. No need to create a doc for the same thing and store it here and there. It becomes a hassle to find the important files on time.

You can apply different font formatting, hyperlink, quotation, bullet point etc. to your texts. You can also add custom code whenever required!

Link to Google Docs

It is normal for a big team to use more than a few integrative solutions to manage the process. When several functional teams are involved in a project, a manager is required to track and utilize a bulk of docs stored in various places. The big question is, how to reduce time in finding these docs? The answer is in the following screenshot-

You can link Google docs with a title and write a short note to explain what it contains. Can it get any easier than this? Please let me know! 😉

A Powerful Project Management Solution with lots of Functionalities

WP Project Manager offers a wide range of functionalities so that the user gets the best possible experience and value for money. The core plugin itself is feature-laden. It is further supported by these useful extensions to make your life easier. You can integrate with popular plugins like WooCommerce and BuddyPress. You can add different payment methods or add management tools like GANTT chart or Kanban Board to better manage everything!

It is your call now. Do you want a comprehensive project management solution for your team?

I would like to know what it offers!

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