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Task Lists

What is a task list?

A task list the backbone of your project management. Within a project, you can create several task list to host your project tasks. Task lists can also be tagged with milestones so that you can check progress.

Creating and editing a task list

Go to Project manager → Projects → Create a project or click on an existing project → Task lists tab.


Adding tasks to a task list

Now simply click on Add a To-do. Choose a start and due/end date for the task. Tag co-workers if required. You can also comment on a task to discuss right there. Each task also supports attaching files, you that you can host files when ever needed.

Adding sub-tasks to a task (module required)

To breakdown your tasks into further divisions, you need the Sub Task module.

First turn on the module from wp-admin>Project Manager>Modules. Find the Sub Task module and enable the toggle button.

Next, after you have added a task, click on the add sub-task button located on the right side of the task.

Add the details, such as, the title, description, due date, and users for the sub task.

Then click on New sub task button.

When you click on the main task name, you will be able to view all its details, including its sub tasks.

You can also edit your sub tasks from here or edit the main task, such as, add a deadline, description, make the task private for yourself, or discuss it with other.

Here is a short video showing how to add the first to-do to your list and adding a sub-task.

Task URL for sharing & independent use

With WP Project Manager v2.0, each task will have its own URL which you can copy and open in other tabs.

You can use this URL to share with others in other places, like email, text, discussions or any other communications.

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