404 Page Not Found Error with WP Project Manager

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You can face a 404 problem with WP Project Manager while creating or adding a

  • Project
  • Category
  • Tasklist
  • Milestone
  • Discussion
  • Gantt chart
  • Kanban Board
  • Project settings
  • My tasks
  • Generating Reports

The reasons could be:

  • Missing pages
  • Wrong/no shortcode
  • Wrong permalink structure
  • Duplicate Pages

How to Check

Is WP JSON enabled at your WordPress site (yoursitename.com/wp-json)

Is your permalink set up for a pretty URL (post-name)?

Is there any third-party javascript library conflict (check conflict)?

If you are using SSL then make sure that you have set your site URL like https://example.com in the general setting as you can see in the screenshot.

HTTPS 404 page

Check your permalink if it is the right one. Go to Admin-> Settings-> Permalinks.

Permalink 404 page

That's it!