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Changelog for WP User Frontend PRO


30 July, 2017
* [new] Add custom shortcode field
* [new] Add Get Direction to Google map
* [tweak] Grunt: Form builder component templates to a single file
* [fix] Google map is not loading in multistep without resizing the browser
* [fix] load the builder on even !#wpuf-form-builder
* [fix] Wrong link in reCaptcha and google map


8 JUNE, 2017
 * [tweak] Improved address field inputs formatting in forms
 * [fix] Google Map - Set default co-ordinate and zoom level option not working on the frontend
 * [fix] Load conditional logic script in custom template
 * [fix] Post Expiration settings
 * [fix] Added deleted hook to add profile form setting tab and content
 * [fix] Manually added conditional field settings in file upload
 * [fix] label_type error on registration form


30 April, 2017
 * [tweak] Add word limit feature for post title field
 * [fix] Fix price format and logic in WPUF_Coupons class
 * [fix] Translation not working issue
 * [fix] Fixed no_captcha not enable issue


2 April, 2017
 * [tweak] Plugin information updated
 * [fix] License updater menu link
 * [fix] Match em tag properly to fix vue error
 * [fix] Display star in rating fields of back-end form builder and post edit
 * [fix] Parse error for lower PHP versions in list table
 * [fix] After applying coupon code, subscription pack value return zero (#14)


18 March, 2017
* [new] Brand new form builder added for post form and profile form
* [new] Added payment status for pay per post
* [improve] `wpuf_add_html` filter name changed to `wpuf_custom_field_render`
* [improve] Add and update price formating function


22 February, 2017
* [fix] Undefined JavaScript error when post is editing in admin
* [fix] User IP if the script is running in cli
* [fix] Date field on frontend post
* [fix] Hide subscription tab from my account page when subscription is turned off
* [fix] Plugin activation hooks
* [fix] Recaptcha refresh when validation failed


07 February, 2017
* [fix] PHP backward compatibility issue


05 February, 2017
* [new] Shortcodes supported on post notification's every field
* [fix] Conditional logic on address field
* [fix] Pricing format improvements
* [new] Currency position settings
* [fix] File upload warning
* [new] Re-design Transactions List Table
* [new] Separated Free & Pro plugin
* [fix] Draft post empty content issue
* [new] My Account Dashboard `[wpuf_account]`

Version 2.4.1

Date: 12 January, 2017

* [new] Added a function wpuf_get_countries()
* [new] jQuery added on preview form
* [new] Showing messages when there is no form associated with an id or deleted or not published yet
* [new] Added dynamic action hooks wpuf_cancel_payment_{gateway}, wpuf_cancel_subscription_{gateway}
* [fix] Enable paynow url on dashboard if a new post is submitted as draft
* [fix] Invalid post id for editing
* [fix] Removed subscription trial cost
* [fix] User profile url on transaction's list
* [fix] Multistep form button & validations
* [fix] Replaced some raw query to builder
* [fix] Some undefined variables issue
* [fix] Replaced $wpdb->escape() to $wpdb->prepare() for depreciation
* [fix] Missing data when saving draft post
* [fix] Updated some textdomains
* [fix] wpuf-ajax-tag-search priv/nopriv ajax request

Version 2.4

Date: 26 October, 2016
* [fix] Plupload string translations 
* [fix] Post expiration logic updated
* [fix] Ignore google map error when the API key is not inserted
* [fix] Upload error from admin panel, nonce issue
* [fix] reCaptcha lib constructor for strict standard
* [fix] tinyMCE and textarea word limit fixed
* [fix] User profile edit warning issue fixed for PHP 7
* [fix] Tag suggestion showing -1
* [fix] Showing -1 in case of unlimited remaining post count
* [fix] Google map on a multi-step section
* [improved] Settings API v1.3 updated
* [improved] Added links to transaction packs in admin area
* [new] Post template feature added with simple post and WooCommerce form template
* [new] Added filter on text area editor args
* [new] Content restriction added on pro version

Version 2.3.15

Date: 11 August, 2016
* [fix] License renewal prompt fix

Version 2.3.14

Date: 10 August, 2016
* [fix] Text domain and translated strings updated
* [fix] Reloading the profile/registration page after deleting the avatar fixed.
* [fix] Styling of delete button of form fixed.
* [fix] Visibility of deleting avatar button fixed.
* [fix] Issue with saving form in php 7 fixed.
* [fix] Restoring remaining number of posts allowed to post in subscription works now (Pro).
* [fix] noCaptcha in registration is now working (Pro).
* [fix] Registration form is now saving in php 7 (Pro).
* [new] Form file uploader is now allowing uploading multiple files and removing extras with warnings.
* [new] New filters added to show meta functions
* [new] gMap API settings Added
* [new] Registration field added (Pro).
* [new] Post taxonomies visibility in form builder are now dependent on the post type selected (Pro).
* [new] Multiple forms in the same page

Version 2.3.13

Date: 30 March, 2016
* [fix] Paypal user agent changed and issue with paypal transection fixed
* [new] Multiple images/files can now be uploaded at a time in image and file fields
* [fix] Upload.js has been modified
* [fix] Problem with saving form element in php 7.0.0 is fixed

Version 2.3.12

Date: 8 February, 2016
* [new] WooCommerce Product Category and Attributes are now sectioned
* [new] Error notice can now be translated.
* [new] Errors on filling up the form will now be visible as notice below relevant field in front end.
* [new] Meta key name in form field in form builder will now be auto populated only if it is empty
* [fix] Progress bar issue in post edit mode is fixed
* [new] Multistep registration form added
* [new] Hook added before registration form
* [fix] SSL issue fixed

Version 2.3.11

Date: 7 February, 2016
* [fix] File upload vulnerability fix. Props to: Panagiotis Vagenas
* [fix] Replaced deprecated user notification function
* [fix] Email error validation in multistep
* [fix] Disabling subscription in form settings
* [fix] Product taxonomy fixes
* [new] No-captcha support added

Version 2.3.10

Date: 5 October, 2015
 * [fix] Custom css is now working
 * [fix] Textdomain added to some text
 * [fix] Visibility of address field data in the frontend is now fixed
 * [tweak] A new filter has been added to get subscription meta data
 * [new] A new option has been added to date field to treat it future publish date if user wants
 * [new] Autologin after registration - feature added
 * [new] Confirmation alert added when user wants to delete subscription in frontend
 * [fix] Publish post after paypal payment completion

Version 2.3.9

Date: 13 Sepetember, 2015

* [fix] Newly registered users were having no meta named "wpuf_postlock"
* [fix] Newly registered users (having no meta named "wpuf_postlock") are now having form in the frontend.
* [fix] Text input field for category is now working
* [fix] Pack id warning in admin area profile
* [fix] Error in rendering map in edit mode, when having no value
* [fix] Progress bar style are set in condition
* [fix] Error undefined object post when updating user profile
* [improve] Button style in payment form

Version 2.3.8

Date: 3rd Sepetember, 2015

* [fix] Problem with wpuf lock post fixed.
* [fix] Problem with retyping password disability in the frontend fixed.
* [fix] Problem with password visibilty fixed.
* [fix] Redirection to subscription page from user profile fixed.
* [fix] Scripts and styles of wpuf are now loading when needed.
* [add] RTL support improvement

Version 2.3.7

date: 24 August, 2015

* [fix] Problem with conditional logic in image upload field fixed.
* [fix] Transaction log updating issue fixed.
* [fix] Email field in form with required flag is now working even if left empty.
* [fix] Data from address field in registration form is now saved and shows data in edit form .
* [new] Persian language translation added
* [fix] Problem with 'pay per post' feature fixed

Version 2.3.6

date: 13 July, 2015

* [fix] Login page bug fixed.
* [fix] WordPress native registration page made working.
* [fix] Email validation bug fixed.
* [fix] Issue in country field fixed.
* [fix] Issue with saving taxonomy fixed.
* [fix] Problem with captcha and really simple captcha fixed.
* [fix] Problem with action hook fixed.

Version 2.3.5

date: 2 July, 2015

 * [fix] Ajax taxonomy field bug fixed.
 * [fix] Conditional logic bug fixed. Was left due to free/pro-separation.

Version 2.3.3

date: 29 June, 2015

 * [pro][new] Multistep form functionality
 * [fix] Fatal error on profile builder form
 * [fix] Post status settings in form, wasn't being updated.

Version 2.3.2

date: 23 June, 2015

* [new] Multistep form feature added 
* [new] Add new custom field "Country"
* [new] Add new custom field "Address"
* [new] Add new custom field "Number"
* [new] Add new feature Post expiration
* [tweak] Added word limit in text area field
* [tweak] Add image caption view on front end 
* [tweak] Add word limit to text area and post content
* [tweak] User subscription meta update process updated 
* [fix] Admin user profile save error fixed, Avatar delete error fixed 
* [fix] Subscription pack_id undefined fixed 
* [fix] Fixed coupon problem 
* [fix] Fixed category checkbox update while every other checkbox is unchecked 
* [fix] Payment successful message url fixed 
* [fix] Fixed ajax taxonomy bug 
* [fix] User subscription meta update problem Fixed

Version 2.2.7

date: 21 January, 2015

* [fix] JS issue fix in admin user profile
* [fix] Message after applying coupon
* [fix] User email duplication problem in profile update
* [fix] Dropdown field select wasn’t remaining selected
* [fix] Translatable password strength meter
* [fix] Dashboard pagination problem due to WordPress

Version 2.2.6

date: 1 October, 2014

 * [fix] Respect form post status while creating posts from subscription
 * [fix] Show valid post type names in sub_pack_info shortcode
 * [fix] TOC field validation fix
 * [improve] Added login form in un-authorized pages

Version 2.2.5

date: 24 September, 2014

* [fix] Radio, select and other options were fused together
* [fix] Normal users were able to assign a subscription pack from back-office profile
* [fix] Ajax chained category return 0 for guests
* [improve] Subscription pack style and removed 0 value packs from details

Version 2.2.4

date: 2 September, 2014

* [fix] Subscription pack assignment bug
* [fix] dollar sign in coupon listing
* [fix] coupon date problem
* [fix] required fields was not working
* [fix] posts would decrease on subscription
* [new] Image/video caption added
* [fix] login override off by default

Version 2.2.3

date: 12 July, 2014

 * [fix] paypal live endpoint url fix
 * [fix] data saving problem caused many issue. removed `esc_sql`
 * [fix] form duplication fix
 * [fix] Email confirmation bug fix
 * [improve] login message filter before login form added
 * [new] Show/hide admin bar based on dashboard access permission

Version 2.2.2

date: 5 July, 2014

 * [fix] Fixed conditional logic on taxonomies
 * [fix] Checkbox and radio value fix
 * [fix] Slashing quote problem

Version 2.2.1

date: 2 July, 2014

 * [fix] Dashboard post editing was broken
 * [fix] "No Image" on dashboard link was broken
 * [fix] Plugin upgrade routine on plugins_loaded

Version 2.2

date: 1 July, 2014

 * [new] Conditional logic
 * [new] Recurring subscription
 * [new] Login form using shortcode
 * [new] Coupon on subscription
 * [new] Email confirmation
 * [new] Export/import feature
 * [new] Auto page and form creator
 * [new] Disable subscription on forms
 * [new] Author email, author bio and attachment url on post email notification
 * [new] User registration using subscription packs
 * [new] Pay per post feature for guests
 * [improve] Subscription feature
 * [improve] Form builder UI

Version 2.1.10

date: 24 May, 2014

* [fix] Password meter fix
* [fix] Insert Photo 3.9 compatibility fix on tinyMCE
* [fix] Multiple duplicated form elements on the editor
* [fix] Password repeat bug fix when no repeat field is there

version 2.1.9

date: 9 January, 2014

 * [fix] PayPal payment problem fixed.
 * [updated] New version of Settings API class

version 2.1.8

date: 18 September, 2013

 * [new] associate uploaded images to post area
 * [new] tags autocomplete 
 * [new] default post form assignment
 * [new] taxonomy exclude/include/child_of feature
 * [new] free subscription option
 * [new] new edit post status "No Change"
 * [new] delete transaction option
 * [new] signup page override redirection
 * [new] insert photo: image size selection
 * [new] insert photo: type of image selection
 * [new] "pending" post edit enable/disable option

version 2.1.6

date: 22 June, 2013

* [fix] rich textarea post draft bug fix
* [fix] checkbox help text was left out
* [fix] help text for radio field
* [improve] map short code updated and separated to user and post map functions
* [new] non hierarchical taxonomy update support
* [new] theme my login custom email notification action hook fire
* [new] wp cli compatibility
* [new] hidden custom field
* [new] custom taxonomy text input field type added

version 2.1.5

date: 22 May, 2013

* [fix] Comment form fix in dashboard
* [fix] Google map fix in admin edit post area
* [fix] insufficient arguments in admin profile area
* [fix] feature image delete bug in edit post area
* [improve] multisite license notice fix
* [new] dashboard unauthorized message
* [new] not logged in message in user profile form
* [improve] updated language file

version 2.1.4

date: 27 April, 2013

* [bugfix] edit post permission checking
* [bugfix] WYSIWYG Text cut off after using "&"
* [improve] user avatar image url changed from relative to full url. fixes multisite bug
* [improve] `wpuf_can_post` filter gets more parameters
* [improve] repeatable fields separator changed from comma(,) to pipe(|)
* [improve] featured image in dashboard is now linked to posts
* [new] google map autocomplete address feature
* [new] file links added in admin panel post edit custom fields area
* [new] payment gateway bank added
* [new] validation filter added on new/edit post: `wpuf_update_post_validate`, `wpuf_add_post_validate`
* [new] private post status added on dashboard query
* [new] dashboard table hooks added: wpuf_dashboard_head_col, wpuf_dashboard_row_col
* [new] post draft option added. posts now can set to draft for later usage
* [new] default post category option
* [new] dashboard query filter added: `wpuf_dashboard_query`
* [new] teeny rich textarea added

version 2.1.3

date: 18 April, 2013

* [bugfix] comment issue fixed
* [bugfix] date issue fixed
* [bugfix] post author changed
* [new] taxonomy ORDER option
* [new] taxonomy ORDER BY option.
* [new] post format support
* [new] user registration filter
* [new] user registration after filter
* [update] file upload size changed to KiloByte

version 2.1.2

date: 5 April, 2013

* [bugfix] post edit area captcha fix
* [bugifx] Featured default image path fix
* [new] Show post status filter added
* [new] Dashboard query filter added
* [improve] *From* typo fix in editor
* [improve] It won't slow down your site now.

version 2.1.1

date: 23 March, 2013

* [bugfix] License check bug fix

version 2.1

date: 22 March, 2013

* Subscription feature put back
* Auto update feature

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