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1. What are the System Requirements?

The server requirement for WP User Frontend Pro is PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later.

2. Do you provide trial?

No. We do not provide trial at customer end. We only provide trial on our Demo Server.

3. Do you have any online demo?

Yes, you can find our Demo Server here.

4. Which themes are compatible with your plugin?

Till now no theme has conflicted with WP User Frontend. So you can use any theme you want. In some rare cases, you might have to add or edit some CSS code.

5. Do you have any list of compatible plugins?

You can use any plugin from front, that uses custom post types. Like WooCommerce, Events Manager, Ads Manager etc, and the plugins which works with meta keys like YOAST, Car Listing etc.

6. Is there any limit on single site license?

No. There is absolutely no limit on any license. You can have as much posting forms and registration forms as you want.

7. What happens when the license is expired?

The plugin and the add-ons will keep working as did with the license. The license key only allows you to receive automatic updates. That’s all.

8. Do I need to renew my license?

Your license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. You need an active subscription for continued access to automatic updates and support. License keys automatically renew every year.

9. I don't want a subscription.

Your subscription can be cancelled at anytime after purchase. Once cancelled, your license key will not renew automatically and will expire on the expiration date. Once expired, you will no longer receive automatic updates or have access to support. You may manually renew your license at any time to reactivate your subscription.

10. Is Advanced Custom Fields plugin compatible with WP User Frontend?

Yes, WP User Frontend plugin is compatible with Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

11. If I purchase 1 activation, will I be able to test on my dev site and still be able to use it on my live site?

Check WP User Frontend license activation guideline here.

12. Is WP User Frontend plugin translation ready?

Yes, WP User Frontend is translation ready, you can translate it to any language.

13. Whats the license of WP User Frontend PRO?

Ans: We are using the same licensing policy as WordPress offers, GPLv2 (or later).

14. What happens after 1 year period?

Ans: You are buying the plugin with 1-year free support and updates. After 1 year, depending on your purchased package, to get the update and support again, you've to renew your license each year. The renewal fee is same as the plugin's actual price.

15. How to backup/export forms?

Ans: Navigate to wp-admin > User Frontend > Tools > Export, forms can export individually or all at once.

16. After installing/updating WP User Frontend plugin, my website crashed and can't be recovered. What should I do?

Ans: If you are using WP User Frontend Pro plugin then make sure that you have updated that plugin too. If the latest version is not available in your account then contact our support.

In the meantime, you can use the previous version of WP User Frontend plugin, it can be downloaded here.