Compatible Plugins

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On this page, we will list the WP User Frontend-compatible plugins. You will find the names of the plugins we have tested so far.

# What you need to do? Plugin NameAdd-on required
1Upload products from frontend, Make a store, sell thingsWooCommerce
2Charge for membership, User LevelsPaid Memberships Pro
3Add newly registered users to subscriber listMailchimp
4Synchronize BuddyPress Profile fieldsBuddyPress
5Show user list, control profile visibility for rolesUser Listing & Profile
6Add SEO fieldsYoast
7Charge for membership, User LevelsPaid Memberships Pro✓ (get it now)
8Manage comments from frontendFrontend Comment Manager
9Car dealing/selling from frontendCar Demon
10Add captchha to your login formCaptcha on Login