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The Reports Module is being introduced with WPUF v2.9.0.

This module shows you 4 types of reports:

  1. User Report
  2. Post Report
  3. Subscription Report
  4. Transaction Report


Navigate to wp-dashboard→User Frontend→Modules. Turn on the toggle button for Reports.

Configuration & Use

After turning on the module, a new menu for Reports will appear in the sidebar:

The first step to view a report according to your needs is to select the period for which you want information.

All reports can be filtered in 8 ways.

You can choose from:

  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Quarter
  • Last Quarter
  • Last 6 Month
  • This Year
  • Last Year
  • You can also choose a Custom Range.

The drop-down is located at the top-right of every report. Once you have selected the period, click on Show.

User Reports

The User Report shows the following information:

  • Number of total registered users in your site in this period.
  • Pie chart comparing the number of users by their roles in your site.
  • Labels and colours indicating the different user roles.
  • Percentage growth/drop of total number of registered users as compared to last period.
  • Graph comparing the total number of registered users in last period [yellow curve] and this period [blue curve].

Post Reports

Post Reports show the following information:

  • Total number of posts
  • Total number of pages
  • Number of all post types
  • Pie Chart showing breakdown of all post types
  • Graph showing number of all posts last period [yellow curve] and this period [blue curve].
  • View number of posts and pages created by each author

Subscription Reports

Subscription Reports contains the following information:

  • Total amount of subscription pack sales
  • Pie Chart breakdown of total sold packs and total pending transactions
  • Graph showing Pack Sales in this period [blue curve] and pack sales in last period [green curve]

Transaction Reports

Transaction Reports show you the following information:

  • Total Sales (with tax)
  • Tax Amount
  • Net Income (the amount excluding tax)
  • Curve showing Sales in this period [blue curve], Tax in this period [green curve] and Sales in last period [light green curve]

That's all about WPUF Reporting!