Different Custom Post Type Submission

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For submitting a custom post type, you need to create a form, and then use the form on a page. What makes it different is that you need plugins like woocommerce which will have its own post type as the product.

And you can easily create the custom post type using WP User Frontend right on your WordPress-powered website.


How To Submit a Post Using Custom Post Type

Let's check out how to submit a post using custom post type is described in a few steps below:

Step 1: Creating a form

Navigate through WP User Frontend> Post Forms> Add New. Create your form with the necessary form fields. Save the form.

Custom Post Type

Step 2: Setting Post Status

Next, you have to navigate through WP User Frontend > Post Forms. Edit the existing form by selecting Settings > Post Settings > Post Type. You will see your custom post types available there. Select your post type and save the form. Check out the screenshot below:


Step 3: Create Taxonomy

Next, you have to go back to Form Editor and then under the taxonomy section, you will see custom taxonomy, for Woocommerce there will be product categories, product tags. Save the form.

Step 4: Create the Page

Next copy the shortcode of your form and then create a new page or edit an existing one. Paste the shortcode. View the page in the browser.

Your custom post-type submission is complete.