How to Setup Form-Based Payment

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Previously, payment settings were on wp-admin → User Frontend → Settings → Payments, as the payment options were applicable for all post forms with the same behavior. Admin could not configure payment options for each post form individually. Now, admins can configure payment options for each form individually.

The payment option for each form can be accessed from

WP-admin → User Frontend → Post Forms → Add/Edit a form → Navigate Payment Settings located under the Settings tab.

Form-Based Payment

We can enable payment for a form by checking the “Enable Payments” option.

Form-Based Payment

If payment is enabled and no option is selected, then the following message will be shown:

sample payment page

If “Force Subscription Pack” is enabled then the user will be asked to buy a subscription pack.

It is to be noted that if both “Force Subscription Pack” and “Enable Pay Per Post” are checked, then the user will be asked to buy a pack. The pay-per-post option will only be activated when the Force pack is not checked

If we select “Enable Pay Per Post” and set a cost, then the users will be asked to pay each time they post through that specific form.

That's how you can easily set up form-based payments with the WP User Frontend.