Unified My Account Page

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This tutorial will help you to create an account page for your users. Just follow these simple steps.

Creating a new Page with Shortcode

At first, navigate to –

WP Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Now, put a title and simply copy-paste the following shortcode.


Finally, hit the publish button and you are done.

My Account Page on Frontend

This is how the my account page looks like on the frontend of your website. It contains six very useful links, which are:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Posts
  3. Subscription
  4. Edit Profile
  5. Invoice
  6. Billing Address

My Account- Posts Page

From here, you can view all your created posts with their status. You can also edit or delete them directly from this page.


Users can preview their draft posts as well,

preview posts

My Account- Edit Profile Page

You can edit your the following directly from this page-

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password

My Account- Subscription Page

This page contains the details on your subscription packs. Here you can see everything about the subscription packs you have been subscribed.

My Account- Invoice Page

This page contains the details on your invoices, also they are in .pdf format so you can download.

My Account- Billing Address Page

This page contains the details on your billing address. You can update it, which allows you to ship your product wherever you are in the world.

My Account – Payment Column

To add the Payment menu to My Account page, go to wp-admin→User Frontend→Settings→Dashboard.

Turn on the checkbox for Show Payment Column if it's not enabled. Then click on Save Changes.

Users can now view Payments made for post forms.

Go to site frontend→My Account→Posts.

My Account – Submit Posts

With WPUF Free 2.9.0, users can directly submit a post from their My Account page.

Admins first need to navigate to wp-admin→User Frontend→Settings→My Account.

Then enable the checkbox for Post Submission. Change the Submission Menu Label if you like. And select the Submission Form from the drop-down. Then click on Save Changes.

Now a new menu Submit Post will appear in My Account page. Users can view this form from their Account page. The same assigned form will appear in all user accounts.

To submit a post, go to site frontend→My Account→Submit Post.

Fill out the form and click on Submit Post.

This completes the configuration for My Account page.