How to Solve GeoDirectory Plugin Conflict

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In this article, we have demonstrated how to solve the conflict with WP User Frontend and GeoDirecory.

If you are using GeoDirectory and WP User Frontend together, one of them might not work. Because, both of the plugins have Google Maps feature and they use the same JavaScript.

So to stop the conflict we will remove google maps feature from WP User Frontend. To do that –

1. You have to open”Wp-content/plugins/Wp-user-fronted/wpuf.php file.

2. In line number 197 you will see this-

[php]wp_enqueue_script( ‘google-maps', $scheme . ‘://' );[/php]

3. You have to just comment out this line to turn off the Google map from WPUF. So it will look like

[php]//wp_enqueue_script( ‘google-maps', $scheme . ‘://' );[/php]

By commenting out the line, now the plugin, WP User Frontend, will not load Google Maps, and the features of GeoDirectory will work fine.

Remember: As you edit the plugin file directly, this change will be lost upon update. So after updating, you have to comment on this line each time.