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    My developer has found 3 problems in the system of Dokan. I would be very happy if someone from your team can tell us why is it happening or fix it in case its your own bug. The problems:
    1. Signup form: Auto-fill causes the system to identify the machine as spam, while it’s not.
    2. Profile editing gives an error of “undefine” and prevents any updates (http://dokan.kotzin.net/?page_id=15&settings
    3. Admin user can update the user profile, but cannot set a user profile image.

    Thank you,


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    Hello Noa,

    1. Can you please provide a screenshot here?. It will help me to find out the actual problem.
    2. You can read this documentation. This will help you to fix this error. Here is the link- http://docs.wedevs.com/settings-page-error-dokan/.
    3. User profile pic is automatically updated from gravatar id. If you have signed up for gravatar account with the same e-mail address which was given in your WordPress sign up form then your profile picture will updated from gravatar id. If you have set a profile picture in gravatar( https://en.gravatar.com/ ) account then that picture will set as your profile picture in WordPress. You can also install wp user avatar plugin to upload profile picture.

    Thank you 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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