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July 14, 2015 at 10:14 am 55585
towhid 1. Seller verification plugin issue: When a seller signs up, goes to dashboard>settings>verification, underneath ID Verification & Address Verification there is a field that says 'Social Profiles' with a blue box that gives this error: No Social App is configured by website Admin 2. When a seller is adding a product and uploading an image - the red 'select files' and 'select featured image' buttons are cut off. 3. When a seller fills out the form to register and clicks 'register', dokan automatically takes them to the my-account page. However, it would be more intuitive if they were redirected to their own dashboard. The other day someone responded and gave the following code, but it did not work: ------ You can use this code in your theme's function.php- add_filter( 'woocommerce_login_redirect', 'ckc_login_redirect', 10, 2 ); function ckc_login_redirect( $redirect_url, $user ) { // Change this to the url to Updates page if( $user->roles[0] == 'seller' ) { return dokan_get_navigation_url(‘dashboard’); } return $redirect_url; } ---------- 4. Installed the Import/Export plugin. Its a good idea, but right now there are some problems. One problem is this plugin should be within the seller 'product' page. Most sellers won't know where to go to find this option within 'tools'. The other problem is that I personally believe there should be a one line instruction for the seller saying something like "To import or export products from an xml file, please use this option". 5. Installed the Duplicate Product plugin, however - it does not show up anywhere in the sellers dashboard for them to do this. Again, I believe it should be within the 'product' page in the seller dashboard so its easy access for them to upload duplicate products. THank you for the work your doing guys!!
July 14, 2015 at 3:18 pm 55679
towhid towhid

Hello Chris,

1. Make sure you have entered all the app’s details in the seller verification settings. I have uploaded a screenshot which point to you those settings panel.

Seller Varification

2. I have tried to reproduce this issue but failed. It could be a has a chance of theme. You can switch to a default theme of WordPress like – Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen and let me know the results.

3. The code you have sent is for login redirect but not for registration. In our next update, you will add this feature.

4. I will discuss with our developer team about this. Hope they will add this line in near future.

5. Thank you for your suggestion. I will discuss with our developer team about this.


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