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    Hi guys,

    I suggest a “group buy” (pre-order) add-on will be a good idea for Dokan users and yourself as well.

    For marketplace concern, there will quite a lot of vendors would love to avoid the risk of invest a lot of money for prepare big amount of stock for selling. They will want to issue a product by holding no stock themselves. They can setup a pre-selling product and a target purchase number. For example, start pre-sell a cup – setup a group buy target of 50 purchase -set up a time frame – buyers pre-order the cup (seller can request a deposit or full payment). As soon as the pre-order number achieve 50 purchase, the actual selling is activated, all payments go to seller's account and seller is start organizing products for all 50 buyers. Otherwise, if the number did not reach 50 purchase, deal closed and all payments or deposit go back to buyers.

    A good example for Dokan can be:
    You guys publish a possible liked add-on or other products. For instants, a dokan add-on, and setup a target number of 100 pre-order request. As a Dokan customer, we can start pre-order it. If the pre-order has achieve 100. You guys will start building the add-on and selling it.

    I hope this can make sense. I had quite many potential customers asked about it so I vote for this.

    Love to discuss it with you guys.




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    Hello Linbin,

    Thank you for sharing your great idea. I will keep this idea in my log and also I will notify to our developer team about this. If we get more request like this then we will think about it to implement in our plugin.


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    Thank you

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