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    Hi Support

    I am really struggling trying to find out how to set this up.

    I have not found the information on the support site so need some clarification please.

    I applied to Paypal and received the following information:

    APP Username
    APP Password
    APP Signature

    This has been filled into the Dokan Paypal section in Woocommerce.

    The thing I cant find is the API APP ID

    This did not come with the other 3 numbers.

    I found this thread http://wedevs.com/support/topic/paypal-adaptive-setup/ that mentions this link http://apps.paypal.com

    Is this where I need to go and sign up for the API APP ID?

    I have taken a screen shot and added it as there is no information about this process that I can find

    Please urgently let me know as this is the final step before we can go live with the site



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    Yes, you have to go there and apply for it. Please discuss with your paypal customer service if you have any issue.


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    Mahi, this should probably be added to the documentation as it is very difficult and frustrating to find.

    I may do a ‘how to guide' for the paypal addaptive as it is pretty involved and I am sure future customers will benefit.


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    Ok for anyone else reading this – the process is not too difficult to set up even though the application document is a little daunting.

    If you need to setup a API APP ID click on this link: http://apps.paypal.com

    You then need to sign in with your paypal account.

    Click on New App.

    This is what I filled in:

    Title: I called it Dokan

    The description is just about your site and what it does.

    Under adaptive payments I chose basic payments then parallel payments

    I added the estimated monthly/average transactions and said no to the AUP

    Testing information: I just added how the process would work ie how the money would be split between us and the vendor when the payment was processed.

    For supply test account I added not available.

    I uploaded some ID and then finally added my url

    I submitted the App and was automatically approved. I was given 2 numbers

    One was a sandbox API APP ID and one was a live number

    It was easier than I thought so now I just need to try and test it with a sandbox account.

    I forsee a few more sruggles but will hopefully be able to find solutions now that I have all the numbers!

    Hopefully this info will help some people and save them time researching!


    Maketi Pasifika
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    Thank you for posting this Jason!!! I had already given up on my project because of this…this step definitely needs documentation and a guide of suggestions.


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Jason,
    We're really thankful to you for posting the solution. We have listed your instruction on our docs http://docs.wedevs.com/get-api-app-id/ with credit.

    Thanks for being awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€


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    No problems guys.

    Happy to help out the community ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Ok so I followed your instructions but I'm getting this error:

    error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure

    I have created my Classic API App in developer.paypal.com but still getting an error.


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    I was conditionally approved, I'm not sure if this matter but I can't get payments to correctly process.


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    Thanks for your reply Mario.

    I understand that to go live, the App has to be approved but I'm just trying to fire the API in Sandbox mode. Shouldn't it work regardless?

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