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    First of all, This is an awesome plugin. I'm interested to purchase this plugin but there are a couple of things I want to know.


    1. I tried the free version and I'm pretty happy with how it can create a simple product upload page from front end. The issue is when somebody upload a product, after clicking submit he will be brought to the product page which he just uploaded. I want to redirect them to a thank you page and tell them that the product is being reviewed.


    2. I love the simplicity of the forms on the free version but I'm intrigued by the pro version since it can create multiple forms. Uploading a product, user has to enter 3 attributes. Title, Short Description & Image upload. Any way I can limit the words on the short description, limit image upload  and make all three attributes required? Image can't be made required in the free version.


    3. Can I show a product that had been uploaded (pending for review) and submitted by a user on his Front End Dashboard by Shortcode? I want to disable editing after publishing but enable them while waiting for reviews.


    Thank you for any feedback. I hope this plugin can be the solution I've been looking for.




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    1. Yes, you can redirect them to any custom page/post or url right after submit the product/post

    2. yes, you can do all these three and make required or not with PRO

    3. again yes, If you want to display a specific post type, you need to mention that. For example, if you want list product instead of post, you can use `[wpuf_dashboard post_type=”product”]`.

    and, you can disable post editing from settings option.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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