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    Hello WeDevs Team,

    I am loving the theme, and almost have everything ready to go, just need to figure out shipping details.

    1) Under the Woocommerce Theme, I see that these are the options:
    – Flat Rate
    – Free Shipping
    – International Delivery
    – Local Delivery
    – Local Pickup

    I chose to only allow Flat Rate ($5) and International ($15). I also see that during checkout, there is an option to “Calculate Shipping”. My question is: Is there a more accurate way of calculating shipping other than flat rates I must guess? For example, is there a way for SELLER A to have their products shipped based on distance, height, and size of the package?

    2) I simply do not understand who decides the shipping cost. Me? Or each individual seller? If my sellers have different size products, it would be silly for me to create their shipping costs.

    As a vendor on my site, when you click shipping options, this is what you see.

    View post on imgur.com

    I simply do not understand what shipping class means, and how my sellers are supposed to edit it.

    3) If I download the “Per Product Shipping”, will it solve all of these problems? I see that it can only be changed on a for country basis.

    For example:

    – My Country ($5)
    – Another Country ($10)

    My question: What if the buyer adds 5 items to the cart from another country. Will they get charge $10 for shipping? Or $50? How does this work?

    Thanks in advance,

    Zachary Dash


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    this should solve all your issues as each product will have its own shipping price. It is well worth it in my opinion. Every product will add their shipping price to the total shipping. The more items the more shipping or you can have some as free shipping. Just list it as $0.

    the seller can set prices based on countries as well. One price for USA and another for UK.



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    Thanks Jay!


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    Do I just upload it like a regular plugin?


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    Hello Zachary,

    Yes, you are right. Just install it as regular plugin and you should be able to find settings options: Woocommerce->Settings->Shipping

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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