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    I wish to be able to automatically generate titles for my custom post type when submitting via the plugin's form. I have a custom post type called “auto”. And I've create a submission form where users can submit their vehicles. However I've not included the Title field in the form since most users will not even bother to put a proper title for selling their cars on the website.

    I wish however that when the form is submitted by the user (it goes into pending), an automatic title is created and added to the new custom post submitted title tag instead of seeing “auto-draft” etc.

    Format of the title should be made by combining some words + some custom fields entered in the form + some custom taxonomy submitted in the form too.

    Here's the sample: Toyota Yaris 2013 – Rs 600000 For Sale


    Toyota is the brand name which must come from a custom taxonomy dropdown selection on the form. The custom taxonomy holding this value is: “auto_make_model”

    Yaris – Is another part which here comes from a custom field in the form now instead of custom taxonomy. The custom field holding this value is: “vehicle_car_model”

    2013 – Is the year of the vehicle selected from a custom FIELD dropdown again named: “year_of_vehicle”.

    600000 – is the car value coming again from a custom field: “selling_price”

    For Sale – Is just a piece of text repeating in all titles.

    When someone submit a new post, it must gather the data being sent and merge it to create the title and save it.

    I tried writing a function however it does not work since the function instead affects even when I am updating an existing post or publishing etc. Is there a way to do this via this plugin?

    Also I was wondering if we can also autogenerate hidden custom fields for the post based on values being entered before saving FIRST TIME ONLY. (That is first time user is submitting something and not when admin is editing in backend.

    Waiting for your insight. Thanks.




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    Hello Kurt,

    I am really sorry to say that we do not have any feature, you have mentioned above.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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