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July 13, 2015 at 11:56 pm 55516
towhid To whom it may concern, I wish I would have contacted you about my vision before purchasing this plugin because now that I’ve tried playing around with this, I feel its not the tool I was lead to believe by reading your sales / landing page. I feel this is more like a 1 way project management system, what I mean by that, its a system for the wordpress site admin and its users. Its not a system for Multiple buddypress members to create an mange its own projects, and multiple buddypress members of the community to be able to join the project to help out. Here is what my vision: I wanted to make a tool for my film community to manage their film project on the front end of website but also allow other members of the community that likes his movie idea/ project, support his vision. I wanted other users of the community be able to assign or apply themselves to that project by being a supporter/contributor (whether they ask permission from the project admin to add them, or *ideally I’d like members to have the ability to add themselves to the project without permission). The overall vision was to let members of the community help bring that project to life by helping the project admin finish tasks on the to do list, collaborate with ideas, and overall make it an online hub for that projects entire progress. The way my buddypress site is setup is, I have 1 site admin and all buddypress users get assigned to a custom user role called “student” my buddypress members do not have access to the wp-admin area or backend of the website. Its all front end user based. So some of the features I was looking for was. Permissions and abilities Global 1. Have a page with a list of all projects from members of the buddypress site/ community created. If the member did NOT create the project, he/she should not be able to edit or delete the project, only be able to view the project. 2. If a non project admin wants to join the project, either ask project admin to become a member or allow the member to join himself but still have restricted permissions in only viewing the to-do list and milestones. 3. I would like all my buddypress members to be able to create their own project. Project Admin- He has full access to all project features. 1. He creates to do lists of things that need to be finished for other members. 2. I would like a project admin to restrict permissions on what their supporters or project members can do. 3. It would be great if the user could request a to do list task but it’s not necessary. If anything I want the admin to be able to assign a task that is on the to-do list to a member in the buddypress community that signed up to support the project. Project Member / Supporter / Contributor 1. Can view the project 2. Add himself to the project as a supporter/contributor. Or ask the project admin to be added to a project. 3. Can be assigned tasks or request tasks from the project admin. I have been playing around with all user permissions and roles for the last 6 hours and I cant get your plugin to do what I need it to do. My issue If a buddypress member creates a project, all other buddypress users on the site can either delete or edit the project on the master projects list page. Please tell me if you plugin is capable of doing what is described above. Or please let me know if we can do some paid customization to accomplish this. If not, I would like to request a refund of my purchase. I understand your refund policy was very open ended but I don’t need this type of project manager for myself and my website employees. I use for that, I don’t need a project manager built into my wordpress for us to use. I was under the impression that my buddypress users could use this. It wasn’t for me, it was for them. Thanks, Craig Seidl
July 14, 2015 at 12:16 am 55522
Craig Craig

Here is an example of what I am looking for but I wanted to take this a step further and just have to-do lists inside the project.

July 14, 2015 at 1:47 pm 55652
towhid towhid

Hello Craig,

Please navigate to wp-admin → Project Manager → Settings → General

Here you will find all the user roles. You can enable the user roles to manage projects. So they will be able to create new to dos and assign users to that. There is also project creating capability is available, so you may want to use that too.


July 15, 2015 at 12:32 am 55769
Craig Craig

Thank you for your responses. But I have done this and these are the results I’m getting.

If I enable role to create project and manage project. Every buddypress user on the site has the ability to create a project and also see every project, and edit and delete every project.

If I only have Create capability enabled. Buddypress members can create projects but they cant see any other projects on the project list that they didn’t create.

I would like a master list of project to show buddypress members so they can request to be invited into a project.

I see that the manage capability is doing 2 functions as explained in your plugin “Select the user role who can “see” and “manage” all projects”

Is there a way I can split the “Project Manage Capabilities” so only role users can see All projects but can’t edit them?


July 15, 2015 at 12:50 am 55773
Craig Craig

Now that i think of it, even if you tell me how to only let users “see projects in a master list without editing them”, it wont accomplish what I’m trying to do. Because when someone gets added as a coworker of a project. Their projects that they are working on is going to get mixed with the 100s of other public projects in the list cause your plugin doesn’t have a page or list of “my projects”. its just “my tasks” but its not what I’m looking for. I’m sorry to even waste your guys time. This plugin doesn’t have the capabilities of doing what I need it to do without almost rewriting the entire thing.

Thank you for your help though.

July 15, 2015 at 4:11 am 55804
Craig Craig


I’ve been reading up on all your documentation and been playing around with the site all day and with a few work arounds I’m getting very close to what I’m looking for. If we can fix these issues below we are golden! Please let me know if there is a solution.


1. REMOVE CREATE PROJECT BUTTON FROM NON GROUP ADMINS : : That means I’d like the button to show for group admins only not the members of the group.

(Since all my buddypress members are defaulted to user role “subscriber” on signup, I cant simply uncheck the permissions for create projects from subscribers because then group admins cant even create projects. Cause group admins on my site are also assigned a user role as subscribers. But at the same time I dont want group members to have the ability to create projects within the group. Projects should only be made by group admins.

Possible Work Around : If we can’t restrict group members from creating a project, then I thought about a workaround…When someone creates a group, is it possible for a project to be made or generated along with it. If thats the case, then I can uncheck the “create projects” from the subscribers.

2. REMOVE CREATE PROJECT BUTTON FROM NON GROUP MEMBERS : That means if a group is public and a non member of the group visits the group page and clicks projects, that NON MEMBER can start creating projects for a group he isn’t even joined to. Doesn’t make sense, a member who hasn’t joined a that group should not be able to start creating projects within that group.

POSSIBLE WORKAROUND: I believe if we fix issue #1 above, it should fix issue #2, but if not, I thought of a workaround. Worst case scenario I’ll automatically default all group creations to “private group” and hide public group with CSS so no every group is private.


1. Avatars – it is grabbing WordPress avatar {“wp-user-avatar”} instead of a buddypress avatar in projects.

2.Change Project Default Permissions: Default Permission Settings are all on Create and “view private”, change them to just all “View Private”.

July 26, 2015 at 11:00 am 58593
towhid towhid

Hello Craig,

I think you have you have got a reply from this topic –


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