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    Hi WeDevs,

    On the WeDevs blog I have asked the question about adding a gender to the category button. You respond very quickly that I have to customise the Dokan plugin myself. Unfortunately I do not know how to write code or change your plugin and would love some help with this.

    So this is what I am asking for:

    When a vendor goes and add a product they have to choose the gender and then their category the product has to be in. I want two different pages with all the MEN products and a page with all the WOMAN products. Now all the products end up at the same shop page: http://skootchie.com/shop/

    Please let me know if the above is possible and the price of this service if you guys could fix this. If the price is right we might have a deal :)!

    Also in the post link underneath I am talking about a button colour what is incorrect. I was told to change the css for that button but I am not sure where to find this. Could you also help me with this?

    Thank you!


    Post link: https://wedevs.com/support/topic/product-button-and-categories/#post-55751


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    Hello Frank,

    Please mail me here- support@wedevs.com

    You did not mark the required area to change in the screenshot.



    Post count: 33


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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