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    How does this actually work? When I'm logged in as a customer, I can't find any options to become a seller.


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Joonas,
    the customer can not change his role. The admin has to do it from wp-admin manually.
    Navigate to users and change the user role to seller and check the box named “enable selling”.


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    on http://wedevs.com/26215/dokan-theme-1-0-6-released/

    it states Customer migration to seller. How is this possible? What you just said we already knew.


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    I agree with Mike – this was possible through backend already before 1.0.6.


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    please navigate to dokan > settings > selling option and enable “User could be seller” option. then customer will have a button “Become a seller” at the bottom of their “my account” page.

    thank you.


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    Hi, this option as described is no longer available in the plugin version. The become a seller button is not appearing.



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    SO here it is appearing….


    Here it is not…


    Login as FB user on both and then go to the account page…

    I even copied the DOKAN plugin from the working one to non-working, just to test. No success…

    Don't think I have anything different.

    However, the option you mention, is not avialable on either, obviously.



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    Ok, for some reason user logged in with FB on the second site don't see the button, as opposed to the first site. When logging in without FB All (plugin) as CUSTOMER, the button appears.

    However, I have taken out the

    tags for the Become a Seller button on the my-account page altogether now (from the template-tags.php), and just added the prompt as button when logged out as widget, since I figure in this particular situation, logging out as customer to register as seller makes more sense anyway. 😉

    You feel me?


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    I am using latest plugin (dokan v1.4) and latest dokan theme v2.1
    After I logged in as customer, I saw the orange button “Become a Seller”.
    I clicked on it and nothing happen.
    I had tried every possible ways at “Dokan -> Settings -> Selling Options” but no avail.
    Up til now, the only way I can make a customer become seller is to manually set the user (customer) to become seller, which is not what I expected. I was really expecting the customer could migrate their role to become seller, without me as admin to intervene.
    Imagine someday if there are 100 customers who wish to become sellers, and I have had to manually going through processing each of them? I don't reckon that is any feasible, worst might even piss off some of the existing customers in long term.

    So please, I need a solution.
    Please help! Thank you all in advanced!



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    I'm new to Dokan and it seems that this issues has not been solved since the button “Become a Seller” at the end of My Account page doesn't do anything when clicked.
    Is there a solution or a trick to do this? Please help!


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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