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    Gregório Sordi
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    Hi, any news about this:

    i went live this week and my site has over 10 sellers, but only 3 have products yet.

    Then, take a look at this: https://artedoencontro.com/artesaos/

    It shows all sellers. It's confusing. Only 3 have products…

    Is there a way of showing only the ones that have products?


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    Hello Sordi,

    As I have said in that topic we do not have this feature. We have kept this feature request in our log. We always work for a new feature when we get more request from our client. If we get minimum 15 requests about this feature then we will think about it to implement.



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    As an *option* it would be OK but as a requirement — no! I want the stores to be able to be listed even w/o products. I would dislike it if the store only showed if it had products. I will hope that if this *feature* is implemented, it is done as an option only. Right now, when a seller goes on vacation, their store still shows but their products are not there — that's OK.

    Best to all. Brenda

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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