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    Tor B
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    Has anyone successfully combined Dokan plugin with user profile / membership plugins like User Pro, Memberpress etc?


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    Never tested with other membership plugins. But, Dokan has its own subscription add-ons : http://wedevs.com/plugin/dokan/subscriptions/


    Tor B
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    One thing bothers me with the subscription plugin: How do you get the first subscription, if the product is not visible before you subscribe?

    I think I have asked about this before somewhere… Do you have to have one or more public products (memberships) and then use this for continued memberships? I guess I would use this plugin if I understood how to use it, and it is interesting for its purpose.

    My question for user profile / member(ship) plugins was meant to focus on the PROFILE part; there are several plugins that let you make profiles and present users, and maybe this could be a way to make a “better” seller presentation. I am struggling to set up the dokan plugin, and the seller page looks particulary bad in my theme.


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    I use dokan subscription add-ons and had the same problem.

    I found 2 solutions:
    1) Create a new page subscription, you can insert the block with subscriptions to be purchased with the shortcode [dps_product_pack]

    2) Create a “start subscription” page with the description of your service and a signup form for the role “seller”.
    After registration, the new user can access the dashboard and the subscription page

    I chose 2) because I prefer that subscriptions prices are only shown after registration

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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