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    Hey Dokan team,

    1) How do I delete the coupon tab on the seller's dashboard? What's the code for it and what file do I go in to change the code?

    2) Seller can't upload a banner image, please see the screenshot. Seller banner image error How do I fix it?


    3) When a customer/seller forgets their password and they enter their email in the “forgot password page” It doesn't display a message at the top indicating that an email was sent for them to reset their password. The email does get sent, but there is no message telling them that on the page so it seems as if their entry did not go through. How do we fix this???

    Thanks in advance!


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    1. Please paste those codes in your chil theme's function.php file-

    function dokan_remove_coupon_menu( $menus ) {
        return $menus;
    add_filter( 'dokan_get_dashboard_nav', 'dokan_remove_coupon_menu' );

    2. I did not get your screenshot. Please upload a screenshot and provide me the link again.

    3. This lost password email processed by WordPerss. So please make sure that you are getting all other mail from WordPress or form your site.


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    1) I did not see any child theme. I used a woocommerce theme from woorockets and I can not find that php file you are referring to. Can you explain a little more on where that file would be?

    2) Please click this link for the screenshot. http://tinypic.com/r/qoukis/8
    How do I fix that error?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello Tamz,

    1. If you did not install any child theme then you have to put those codes in your theme's function.php file. Please open your theme folder then you will get a file- function.php.

    2. Please provide a valid screenshot. Your screenshot is not visible.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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