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    A functionality that I think is really important is to allow the user to preview what they have saved as a draft. Is there away to do this.

    Having looked at the code I think it might be possible to add a line in wp-user-frontend-pro\js\frontend-form.js such that it creates a button to preview once the form is saved.

    Do you know how to call the draft saved post id in this instance as i think using something like /?p=$post_id&preview=true may work.

    Do you have any thought on this or way to get this to actually enact?


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    Is there a way to do it? Any help with this?

    I think is a very important feature too.

    Best regards.


    Oritro Ahmed
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    Hello Vikram,

    Thanks For your suggestion. We think it will be wise to add an extra Preview Button. Developer Team have been Notified about this and Hopefully will be available In Future.


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    +1 preview would be awesome!

    Should this URL ( /?p=$post_id&preview=true ) already work? I get a 404…



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    problem is when you create post or custom post from frontend it doesn't autosave the way it auto save as draft at WordPress backend. Thats why we added Draft option beside submit. After you save as draft only then you can see the post preview from front-end.


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    In /js/frontend-form.js line 88 I can add a link after the post is saved:
    self.after('<span class="wpuf-draft-saved">  Post Saved </span> <a href="http://ggsalas.staging.wpengine.com/?p=1024&preview=true">Preview</a> ');

    My problem is change the “1024” number for a $post_id number of the recent saved post.

    Any ideas on how to do it?

    Best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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