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    Hi again!

    1. I cannot delete a product from the front end – either an active or a pending product.
    2. Speaking of pending products, where do I approve those? I cannot find it in the plugin.
    3. On user registration – how do you handle dual registration? As in, how can someone choose to register as a customer, and not a vendor?
    4. How does a vendor make sure that their shipping address is set correctly? We will have sellers from all over the world…
    5. Is there a way to add a ADD NEW PRODUCT to the page that comes up after you add a product? I think it's the edit product page. It would be really helpful for people adding multiple products at one time to be able to click an ADD PRODUCT button from the edit page, instead of going back to products > add new product.
    6. How do I add a sidebar to the single item page? I'd like to keep the sidebar from the main shop page…

    Still having the large blank space issue, too!



    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Linda,

    1. This should not happen. If you want I can login to your site and check.
    2. You have to approve those from WooCoomerce backend.
    3. There is a radio button on registration page to register as a customer or a seller.
    4. They can write their address and they can also pin point the address via the google map. If you want, you can varify their address manually.
    5. As there is no product ID on the first place, so we can not enter the shipping, variations and other details in one page. But we are trying to bring everything in one page. So you will get to add products from one single page.
    6. I need a bit clarification before answering this question. Are you using any other theme rather than Dokan?

    Still having the large blank space issue, too => Did you check for theme and plugin conflicts? If no, then please check for these and let me know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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