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    I am running a theme which gives the ability to create custom posts for downloadable products. I was able to get the frontend form to get pretty much what i need, except the file path.

    How do I get the frontend form to load the path of the file (once uploaded) instead of the ID? Is there a setting or a modification i can make. It is critical as that was the whole point for me.

    Then once that happens, how do i make sure the reverse works. Meaning when the user wants to update his post, how do i make sure the actual file has been put in there so the user can delete it and replace it?



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    I also want to know how to load the file path for a specific user once they upload an image.


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    Can someone at least tell me which file in the plugin the loading of the file happens in so I can look at hiring someone to code it up for me.
    My thoughts on the workaround, someone better at this pitch in (I am not a wordpress programmer, nor a php programmer)
    Create 2 hidden fields:
    One is a fixed test called path which you can load your upload directory path, this is a constant for where you want to load your files.
    The second one is basically the filename. This way, your download file path would be the 2 appended which is a simple text string manipulation.
    Given they are hidden, I would not expect them to be displayed on the post page.

    I am trying to make the least amount of changes to any code so I can maintain the auto updates for the core, theme and plugin, otherwise, I will loose track of what I did, and a few month from now, it will break after some update.

    Thoughts? inputs on how and where to start?

    Then the next step is to figure out how to load them up for the edit screen. But one step at a time.

    I really hope the development team of this great tool picks that up and helps.



    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Hassane,

    Here is a turorial for you:

    And Aron,
    I guess your case is not same. I have replied in your topic. Please check.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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