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    Abdalla Hamsho
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    see the Post form in chrome and see in firefox


    Firefox does not show Rich Text Area , but chrome does show normaly

    2-How to make Rich text area by default to be expend not colapse see the image :


    Abdalla Hamsho
    Post count: 15

    i saw that the form not work on Firefox example the Insert image does not work , and the Featuer image does not work just un-clickable only on firefox but on chrome the form are fine and i did not try it on Inter explore or other but i think not work too


    Oritro Ahmed
    Post count: 155

    Hello Abdalla,

    First thing, If its working on chrome but not in Firefox, there are two possible scenario.

    One, There is a problem with your firefox. May be old or corrupted one.

    Two, Firefox sometime don't support a few features of Javascript.

    WPUF was built and tested on more then 17 Desktop and 3 Android Browser, and we eliminated every bug related to cross browser compatibility. So We are Pretty sure WPUF isn't the culprit here.

    About the Rich Text Editor, the button you marked called Kitchen Sink. It contain a few extra features of Rich text editor. Which is less concerned in a Webpage. Elements in Kitchen sink are generally used to style the text, Now a days, which is a Concern of CSS. So it kept in a toggle box.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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