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February 17, 2014 at 3:10 pm 15503
Tareq Hasan Hi, I've seen that the Google Map [Address Field input field] doesn't work. When I try to set and address a receive a pop up alter with "Something goes wrong". I think that the problem is related to the fact that the shortcode is wrapped by

paragraph added by Wordpress. I've also tried different functions to "clean-up" the shortcode with no success. Could you please help me? This is the test page: Thank you

February 17, 2014 at 11:45 pm 15523
Dimitri Dimitri


I’ve seen that the error is related to the fact that a “post title” field was missing.
I’ve added it but the Google Map for the “Find address” field doesn’t show at all.

With javascript console I’ve seen that the problem is due to

tags that wraps the javascripts of the Google Map..

Could you give me some hints in order to solve that?

Thank you

February 18, 2014 at 12:41 am 15524
Tareq Hasan Tareq Hasan

I think the problem is creating by your theme. Can you check with the default WordPress themes?

February 18, 2014 at 2:05 am 15531
Dimitri Dimitri

You were right. Do you have any suggestions? As I has to use that theme.. as I told you before I’ve seen that the javascript is wrapped by


Thank you for your support.


February 18, 2014 at 2:18 am 15532
Tareq Hasan Tareq Hasan

That would be difficult to detect whats that theme is doing. May be you can send the theme to us at We could check out the theme.

February 18, 2014 at 3:08 pm 15575
Dimitri Dimitri


I’ve sent you the theme.

Thank you very much.


February 18, 2014 at 4:28 pm 15581
Tareq Hasan Tareq Hasan

Remove this line from /framework/shortcode/typo.php
[php]add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘my_formatter’, 99);[/php]

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