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    Maybe this is out of the scope of WP User Frontend PRO, but I am looking to build a new website where I need a high degree of interaction with the clients.

    Lets suppose I am trying to build a website for SEO services with monthly subscriptions as well as one time subscriptions

    In my situation, after users subscribe for a package (using woocommerce for example) they must have their own dashboard where they can:
    -Submit Tickets to me (like support tickets)
    -Have a way to send me (not to the public) certain URLS where they need SEO to be implemented. They must be aware of the status of our work in the dashboard (e.g. current rank, SEO status, custom info).

    Additionally for the users needing more complex SEO work, I will have to chose URL's to optimize for them, in a weekly basis and they must be able to see them in the dashboard. Imagine I find 10 URL's that need to be worked out.. I could add it to that user dashboard and he would also be notified by e-mail.

    Of course, I might be speaking here of custom features, but what I am looking from you is some insight on how I can accomplish this using your and other available plugins (as well as some other custom work).

    Still in the custom work issue, my last question would be: Do you do custom work? How much you charge in an hourly basis? Would you be delighted to make a work like this?

    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,
    Muhammad Satar


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Muhammad,

    After reading your requirements above, I think you should consider our WP Project Manager Pro plugin. Because you mentioned your needs for managing clients and tasks. So the best choice would be Project Manager instead of WP User Frontend Pro.

    In WP Project Manager Pro you can assign tasks to your co-workers and assign clients. Only assigned people can see a project. You can make private messages and assign private to-do. It also has an add-on to create/duplicate projects upon order via WooCommerce. So you can make some project templates and tell the add on to duplicate/create which one based on which product purchase.
    We also have invoicing and other add-ons for this plugin. Please have a look at these pages to know if that can fit your needs


    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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