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    Hi, I have subscribers to my website that I want to assign tasks to a project. They don't appear in the pull down menu. Please help me add them. I don't want to give them administrative or editing powers on my wordpress blog, just to be give tasks, that's why I've added them as subscribers to the blog.



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    if they don't appear in drop-down then something is not right.

    are you trying to add them from front-end or admin area ?

    You can only add users from admin area.




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    When you start up a new project you'll notice that there's a “Name of the project” box, a “Project details” and below that is an almost invisible box (put your mouse on it and click) your users will now appear (or type in their name) and you can add them to your project. They will also appear in your drop-down from now on.

    In an existing project go to the top of your project manager (look for the project name) click on the pencil icon, same applies as above. There's an box below the project details box.

    Hope this helps! Good luck.


    Rodrigo Luiz
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    hello guys, i have configured to only admins and other class of users can create and manage projects, ok.

    I start a new project and:

    name ok
    meta ok
    description ok
    type name of user and show on suggestion ok BUT, i cant click on, i cant press down arrow to select, i cant hover the mouse to sugestion name. ALL what i do, the name of user is going to hide.

    So, what we do? I cant add members in any projects i create…
    waiting for help.


    Rodrigo Luiz
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    hello, how long to answer and help me with this bug i mencioned before? I CANT add members to my project.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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