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    I am working on a Website in which I would like to have a Multi-Vendor feature for users to sell their services to other members. I am using WooCommerce, and happened to see that Dokan offers Multi-Vendor capabilities using WooCommerce. So, I bought Dokan to give it a spin. I think I could configure Dokan out of the box to do most of what I need. However I have a question about its Theme's design.

    I specialize in creating Websites for business process appraisal and improvement. I do most of my software development for those sites is using Microsoft tools, in the C# language, and an ASP.NET model-view-controller pattern. I have just started using WordPress to create an online community site to feature my software, which allows others to collaborate and sell related services to other community members. Since I am new to WordPress and PHP, I am mostly just using plugins to build the features of the site, and have not yet had the time to program my own themes and plugins.

    The situation I am facing now is, I'm trying to put together a WordPress development environment, that I can manage with ManageWP, to build and deploy community web portals for some of the businesses which use my main software applications. Over the past few months, I have done quite a bit of research and development to choose the Themes and Plugins to use for these sites. I have based my development environment on WooThemes Canvas Theme. It allows me to easily build sites with a simple minimalist design, and seems to work well for integrating features from a range of plugins. I use WooCommerce for e-Commerce features, and Canvas works well with that.

    This brings me to my question for you. The features in Dokan are almost exactly what I need for a simple Multi-Vendor site. Its graphic design works well, straight out of the box. However, I would like to integrate the core features you created in Dokan with the Canvas Theme. Since I am new to WordPress design and its underlying architecture, I don't know enough to understand if that would be difficult to accomplish. Could you give me your opinion on this? Would it be simple to build a child theme for Canvas, and somehow add the Dokan functionality to the Canvas layouts and styles, using the child theme? Are there other ways to accomplish the same goal? I currently have a 5 site license for Dokan. If I upgraded to an Ultimate license, would it be possible to use priority support to guide me through the integration (given that I would spend some time learning theme development on my own time). Would it be possible for you to do a custom integration for me? If so, I could deploy a test site with the Canvas theme and all of my plugins that could be used as a test integration environment. Those are just some of my ideas. Let me know what you think.


    Larry Simpson


    Nizam Uddin
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    Hello Larry
    Our development team is baking some child theme for Dokan. We will release those soon. You can make Canvas Theme as child theme of Dokan. To do this you need to hire someone. In priority support we provide support via email and in normal license we provide support via forum thats the difference http://wedevs.com/support-policy/ . We don't provide customization support in priority support. You can hire us for custom job. If you are interested you can send us your project proposal with estimated budget from here http://wedevs.com/contact/ . Thanks for understanding..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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