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August 22, 2015 at 3:01 am 68492
towhid Whomever has their site working right and showing taxes for products being bought in same state for the items, Please let me know how. I cant imagine entering all the probably 1000's of tax areas by hand and how that would slow the site down. I need to have this work right like Etsy, the site its cloning which is fantastic and all, but how did you guys get the Tax feature to work? Did you enter it all in by hand or download CSV files somewhere What did you do? I dont want to make my site "all taxes Inclusive" just because I am not getting detailed answers I can figure out. Somebody willing to give me actual details that has this working right... Be a hero, Im drowning. Thanks
August 22, 2015 at 6:02 pm 68610
towhid towhid

Hello David,

I did not understand your question clearly.

Do you mean that you want to import 1000’s of tax areas to dokan?

Can you please send me the CSV file. I will check on my trail server.


August 23, 2015 at 12:43 am 68658
David David

What I am saying is:

In the United States, each person billing address is in its own tax area

in the United States there are a LOT of tax areas, and hopefully I will have a decent amount of sellers


How do I get all the sales tax info into my site so that sales tax automatically shows up in the cart correctly for each area that someone is buying from?

Do I have to upload as many sales tax rates as there are sales tax disctricts in the United States?

I would imagine so.

Where do i get this information from, and how do I insert it?

I do not have a CSV file for sales tax rates for the entire United States and this would be something changing and updating nearly daily

What is the solution?

What is Ebay and Etsy doing to make this work?

August 23, 2015 at 5:48 am 68667
David David

I am asking,
where do i get the tax info or CSV files that work best for the United States?

Perhaps that should be your next product.

To have a complete Dokan Solution.

A tax CSV extension that updates as often as taxes update,

You would sell a ton of that app or extension if compatible for WooCommerce and Dokan both

But for now,

Since I am obviously a multivendor store with Dokan,

Am I supposed to enter all the different sales tax rates for the United States?

My site would crash.

How is Etsy doing it, so how should you solve it?


August 24, 2015 at 4:14 pm 68843
towhid towhid

Hello David,

You must enter different sales tax for the different state. At the time of purchasing a product, the tax amount will be added at the checkout page. When a customer entered billing address, at that time tax will be assign automatically in the checkout page.

To know how to enter different tax in the Dokan Rates, you can check this documentation –

You can add as many rates as you want like the screenshot.

Tax Rates

If you are still feeling difficult please let me know I will elaborate it more.


August 25, 2015 at 3:23 am 68927
David David

Every state has many sales tax. More than you would ever imagine.
I would love for the US to make sense and have all states have 1 sales tax rate,
However, in just a 50 mile radius we have 5 different sales tax rates. As a state there are many,
each state has tons, and as the United States,

Enough sales tax rates based on zip code to crash my private VPS top plan server doing it this way
line by line for all the tax rates in the US

Any idea how Etsy and Ebay are doing it?

tied to a cloud service or what? Do you have any clue how I can put all the tax rates without crashing
my server or making my website crawl to a stop?

What is the solution?

Thank you

August 26, 2015 at 10:53 am 69081
towhid towhid

Hello David,

We develop Dokan for universal business. But some times it may not be meet for all business completely because of some complexity. But there has a chance for extend the core structure.

I have provided you a solution at my last post which is the best way for insert the CSV(screenshot). There is also an option on there “Import CSV”. You can also import all tax rates by this button.

To import all the tax rates Without crashing the server you can just increase “max_input_vars” time.

It will best if you discuss about this with your hosting company.


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